10 DLC From DYING LIGHT – 12 months to go for Next Release

The Dying Light is a huge team. The team is going to release its new 10 DLC.  The Team is releasing with the caption of “GOOD NIGHT GOOD LUCK”.

The Latest News behind Dying Light’s release:

It’s almost 3 years since the Dying Light has released the new version of the original Dying Light, but then the craze in the fans didn’t go down.

According to the survey in September 2015, per week approximately 700000 people were playing the game. Even now the count did not go down, it is approximately 500000 people who are continuing to play the game. Seeing this enthusiasm in viewers, the team has decided to release 10 NEW DLCs in next 12 months.

While playing this game, the players can come across to more stuff like new enemies, more events and new Mysteries to be solved and much more surprises. The most exciting news is that the players of this game can access it for free. As well as the platforms where the game can be accessed are Xbox One, PS4, PC. The team is soon going to release the pictures of the new enemies and game environment.

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