Future Man: Hulu’s Amazing Time-Travel Comedy

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Evan Goldberg and Seth Rogen are now on a hot streak with Future Man. That has relation to television until recently. These two were able to secure Preacher for the third season. Amazon was able to lock them down for another adaptation from the work of Garth Ennis ‘The Boys.’ They got adapted to the materials on lock. But, what about the new production ‘Future Man?’ There may be no source material where they can get it. Goldberg and Rogen may bring a smorgasbord of pop culture and comedy. These will go to the new Hulu series. It will come from the Sausage Party writers Kyle Hunter and Ariel Shaffir. The pilot may be sloppy. Yet, Future Man still delivers a laugh because of the excellent cast.

Middling Quality

There is average quality in the pilot. It is important to take note of it early. Some may view it and feel like the movie isn’t worth the continued effort. The characters may be rigid in their performances. A lot of what appears in the pilot has a better summary in the trailer. One of the biggest jokes in the episode falls short. But, the initial installment still has the fleeting appearance. They are from Paul Scheer, comedian Ron Funches, and Haley Joel Osment. Things may not get off to a roaring start, but it may not be that bad. Compared to the remaining episodes, the first event was the weakest. For this reason, everyone should keep the faith.

Drastic Improvement

 Josh futterman_gaming is my life_future_man
When the episodes get rolling, Future Man receives drastic improvement. Josh Futterman played by Josh Hutcherson comes into his own as a janitor. He lives at home with his parents. There is a radical change in his once directionless and boring life. Yet, he defeats a once unbeatable video game. He then learned that this was a recruitment tool for the future. Finally, he met Wolf (Derek Wilson) and Tiger (Eliza Coupe). They informed him that the events they see in the game are real. He needs to help them destroy the man who will make the future of the Earth grim. Yet, Josh is unfortunate. That is because the evil man is his boss, Doctor Kronish (Keith David). He is currently developing a cure for herpes.

The Savior

 Future_man_gaming is my life
Immediately, Wolf and Tiger realized that Josh is not the savior they hoped to have. The elite soldiers use video games for dependable simulation purposes in the future. Despite this, Josh was able to sway his new allies to avoid killing Doctor Kronish. He appeared as a pleasant man. Instead, he pitched to go back in time to prevent Kronish from getting herpes. That will refrain him from creating a cure. This cure will create a future species of humans. They are the Biotics. It may appear a twisted version of The Last Starfighter.

Josh Futterman

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It may not be a bad thing. The show provides definite nods to the referenced intimate moments. Writers also spike the dialogue with Josh. He now has some geeky commentary that fans of these franchises enjoy. It may become exhausting to return to an alternate reality. Here, society may change enough. Because of that, one would have to fake their way through conversations. That may happen for the rest of their life if they want to keep the pretense going. That may not be something that the viewers may ponder before watchiButre Man. But, that may be something they will think about afterward. The sci-fi nods go after that. There is a particular episode. It offered a fantastic homage to one of the great directors. So far, it is one of the best events in the series.

Humor and Violence

Wolf_future_man_gaming is my life

The show has a lot of pop culture and wit references. There may also be lots of gross violence and physical humor. Think of it as Preacher but with more vomit and ejaculate. They may sometimes land or don’t. In either case, things do not get outright disgusting or gross. It cannot be painful to look at. But, the humor may come down to preference. Some may take issue with a chain-reaction puke scene. It will be better to use judgment.

Wolf Derek Wilson Future Man Hulu

Futur_man_gaming is my life

The whole cast of Future Man has struggles to look for the characters early in the pilot. Yet, it may not take long for people to figure things out. The best character transformation was in the early days of Season 1. It is Derek Wilson’s Wolf. He became accustomed to life. Here, he is not forced to shove rats into his mouth. Moreover, Eliza Coupe is terrific in playing the heartless and rough mercenary. She has a severe attitude that usually sells comedic situations. Josh caught up even if he stumbled first. He capitalized on the funniest moments of the show. It happened because of his fantastic reaction. When the lesser characters go, Glenn Headley and Ed Begley Jr. nailed it. They are the super supportive oddball parents of Josh. It is almost a shame. The passing of Headley may impact the dynamic in the future.

Future Man

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Future Man gives a damn good time how it goes. It feels like things may only get better. People who suffer from the pilot’s growing pains may get rewards. They are a self-aware time-travel tale and big laughs. These poke fun at the nuances of sci-fi along the way. At best, it is gory, glorious, gross and goofy at the same time. That may not be perfect always. Yet, things may be right more often than wrong. That may be more than what we can say for Tiger, Josh, and Wolf.
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