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Created with passion and hard work while having fun by a team of Gamers and Movie Enthusiasts, Gaming Is My Life (GiML) is an established entertainment website/media company posting news, previews, and reviews of Video Games and Movies along with other trending stuff in Tech. We aim to provide you the best out of the entertainment¬†industry cutting out on the stuff that won’t interest you. Also, all our Reviews or Previews, are unbiased and reliable to let you land on to a decision.

We strive to give you the best of the best, across all the platforms.

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Sangmesh P Math


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Venkatesh Kohlapure


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Uday V. Singh

Gamer/Movie Enthusiast

Twitter | Steam | Insta: thepenwarrior


Chetan Kiran


Twitter | Steam | Origin: cksmj23

Chinar Damani

Movie Enthusiast

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Mohit Sinha


Twitter | Steam | Insta: deadpool_008


Riko Banerjee


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