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Created with passion and hard work while having fun by a team of Gamers and Movie Enthusiasts, Gaming Is My Life (GiML) is an established entertainment website/media company posting news, previews, and reviews of Video Games and Movies along with other trending stuff in Tech. We aim to provide you the best out of the entertainment industry cutting out on the stuff that won’t interest you. Also, all our Reviews or Previews, are unbiased and reliable to let you land on to a decision.

We strive to give you the best of the best, across all the platforms.

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Sangmesh P Math


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Venkatesh Kohlapure


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Uday V. Singh

Gamer/Movie Enthusiast

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Chetan Kiran


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Chinar Damani

Movie Enthusiast

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Mohit Sinha


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Riko Banerjee


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