Annabelle: Creation || It’s time to double check your doors || Full Review

RATING: 7.5/10

The Conjuring franchise had another installment in it with a prequel to the popular horror movie of 2014, Annabelle. Being considered a spin-off of the original Conjuring series, the directors gave the audience an unexpected connection with the main series with the presence of a popular character which has been revolving around almost all of the franchise (read on to find out). The movie irrespective of the many experiments in the filmmaking of it does its job of scaring the most of the audience and bagging good money from their screams. However, for the better viewing experience, I will recommend to watch it alone at night under utter darkness to double its impact the way I do with every horror movies.

First of all, check out the original trailer of the movie if you haven’t seen it already:


So far, Conjuring franchise due to its sticking to the rules and minor experiments have been my favorite. The story movies in the days of ‘40s and ‘50s. A group of orphans is on the way of finding a new home for them. And they unfold a series of unfortunate incidents beginning with the unlocking of the secret door. There stays a creepy looking doll, Annabelle. Thankfully, unlike most of the modern American movies, the Annabelle: Creation sticks to the creepiness under a limit. It also has the perfect music and sound effects to give you goosebumps. As the legend goes, a demon has made that doll its physical form, and it should never be released from its prison. What actually happens and leads to the formation of this doll will be a note-taking seminar for some.

Though revealing more than this will kill the suspense and thrill out of the movie, I’m introducing you to the 30 seconds which left everyone thinking. There is a scene in the movie where the popular and scary character from the original Conjuring movies, The Nun tries to harm the girl in focus along with an easter egg of her presence in the picture of the orphans’ caretaker. Combined, these scenes took no longer than 30 seconds of the movie but left all of the views in shock for the rest of it. Rest of the plot which I promise is going to give you all lot to look forward to will be released once you watch the movies yourself.

Why should you watch Annabelle: Creation?

If you fall into the category of these people, you must not miss this movie:

  • You have seen other movies from the Conjuring Franchise.
  • You haven’t seen any other movie from the franchise.
  • You love horror movies that leave you thinking.
  • You need better modern-day horror movies
  • You want to dive deep into horror mythology.
  • You love night-mares and goosebumps.

I’m hardly mistaken if we’re talking about horror movies. Also, Watching the Annabelle: Creation will only prepare you for the next movie. There is a prequel to both Annabelle and Conjuring movie series, The Nun (2018).

So, are you ready to experience chills down your spine? Or do you have a better alternative? Do tell me in the comments. And don’t forget to share your reactions and subscribe for more stuff like this!

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