Anthem – Release Date, Gameplay preview and Everything Else

Anthem !! Gaming is my life’s (GiML) Best pick from the E3 2017, the reason is open world Online Co-op Multiplayer by Bioware. However, following post will cover other reasons for the top pick in E3 2017.

Drew Karpyshyn, known for his work in the Mass Effect series is the writer for Anthem as well. Anthem set to be released in late 2018, on Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One Consoles.

E3 Unveiled Anthem on Xbox One X, which will be released in the month of November also supports 4K gaming, players get to be Freelancers of an insanely attractive environment but with dangerous animals and creatures lurking around. Players roam this world with Exo suit called “Javelins”, as the name suggests, can fly and glide around the breathtaking immense terrains and illuminating underwater caves.  Ranger Exo a long ranged balanced class and Colossus heavy armored tank Exo were the two Exos revealed in the E3 17. Furthermore, Scar Ambush and Heavy mortar were some of the key features of these Javelins.

Here are some amazing pictures of how the game looks, setting high hopes.

The game emphasizes on a Cooperative play, EA confirmed that up to 4 players can join to complete missions together. Single Players can explore the intense world which has infinite elements and environment. EA teased a segment of Shaper Storm, which not only tells us about fighting creature but also the chaos due to weather. Moreover, this suggests that the world is dynamic and ruthless.

Check out the Official Gameplay Trailer

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