Avengers 4: Predictions | Everything We Know

The last addition to the Avengers series has left everyone confused about what might be happening in the fourth part of the series. And to ease some of that thinking, here with our fandom at the point, we are going to show you the best and most predictable happenings of the movie.

Avengers 4: A Plot Prediction | What will happen?

There have been hundreds of predictions made about the upcoming Avengers and in middle of that finding, the right one is difficult. But hold on to it we’ll get there.

Some snaps were leaked throughout internet when Robert Downey (Tony Stark), Chris Hemsworth (Thor) were seen in their old attire which makes it a possibility of seeing some time travel in the movie.

Is Loki really dead?

According to a viable source, it was seen that Tom Hiddleston (Loki)’s body double was seen at the sets of Avengers 4. Does that mean that Loki is not dead yet? It is a possibility as Loki is considered to be the god of mischief and in the earlier MCU movies, Loki has faked his death a hundred times. As we saw in the start of infinity war(spoilers) that Loki came out from behind the cover and he is a god I don’t think he is that naïve to go and directly encounter Thanos just with a dagger in his hand. I think that it was a bluff after all and that Loki is still alive and he just faked his death.

What about the after-effects of the snap? The infinity gauntlet? The distorted characters?

Also, Nebula is said to play a big role in the upcoming movie, according to the comics nebula steals the infinity gauntlet from Thanos and somehow get all the characters back to life. It is said that the people who faded in the dust are not actually dead but their souls are in the soul stone because at the end of infinity war after Thanos has snapped his finger we could see him in a place where everything is orange is colour which is the colour of the soul stone. Gamora meets him there, so it is possible that all the characters are in the soul stone itself.

As we know that the next MCU movies are in the cue where black panther, SpiderMan and guardians of the Galaxy have their own separate movie which means that they are not going anywhere and they all will be saved somehow. According to a reliable source, it is said that the Avengers are actually making a second infinity gauntlet which is actually made by Tony Stark. If this happens it might be the biggest twist in the history of MCU. Also, the role of captain marvel is huge in the movie as she has the ability to time travel as we know and now she being an actual character can help the Avengers get the stones refracted.

What was Doctor Strange up to? How will it affect the rest of them?

If u have seen infinity war it is clearly shown when doctor strange is actually looking in the future and figures out that they won just one out of 14 million number of possible outcomes. So as we know that doctor strange hands over the time stone to thanos when Tony was actually going to die at the hands of thanos but as he said on the ship that he will not choose anyone against the time stone, not even Tony but he did choose him so I guess there was a motive behind all of it and as his last words were ‘this was the only way’ it makes it quite clear that Tony has a major role in the next movie and he is the most essential aspect of them all. Also not all deaths will be reverted, as said by the writers of Avengers that the deaths are real and they were serious about it like the people who died before the snap like Gamora, Heimdall, Loki and vision who may or may not return and few others than them as well who might not be returning in the sequel.

What about Adam Warlock?

It would be surprising if this happens but according to the comics Adam warlock gets the infinity gauntlet from Thanosbut if this happens it will really be a blind spot for MCU as they haven’t given a reference of Adam Warlock in any of their films so it is certain that he will not play a role in the movie.

A question arises in mind that there are Ant-Man and Flint and it’s a relevant one as they didn’t show them at any stage of the whole movie all along and it is said that they both will play a major role in the upcoming movies. The motive behind doing so is still under the sleeves and this will only be disclosed when the movie will be released in 2019 or when the Ant-Man sequel hits the theatre in near future.

But do make sure to stick around with GiML and find out everything we get our hands on before and even after the Infinity War release!

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