Bioware Sung the ‘Anthem’ Out Loud at the E3 2018

Anthem was one of the highlights of the showcasing which didn’t disappoint the audience. It is set to release on February 22_ 2019 but some early access aspects will be provided to the players before the release. Anthem open world game opens up options for the creators to experiment with the game. Players will be seen in the role of Freelancers who work for the betterment of people and protect humanity against any threat.

What will the game consist of?

Freelancers are equipped with customizable exo-suits which are known as Javelines, with which comes a variety of new gadgets and weapons which are tangible to the suit. The game will have a heavy emphasis on cooperative though Bioware says that we can play the game in solo mode as well.

Rumors were just rumors after all.

After all the rumors in the world about the release date of the game, it is finally announced and is set to set it’s foot in the world of gaming to compete with the other games. It will be available on Origin for early access but according to a leak on Amazon Italy, the game might also launch for PS4 and Xbox One. Stay tuned with GIML for further updates on E3 and other articles in the world of gaming.

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