Breakdown of the INFINITY WAR trailer leak!

Just after the SDCC, the much-awaited trailer of MARVEL’S INFINITY WAR Part 1 got leaked on the internet and it’s amazing! Marvel Studios showed roughly four minutes of footage of Infinity War and many people recorded it and posted it on YouTube and Twitter, leaked versions of the trailer have found their way online. For each streamable link that gets taken down, another one springs up.

MARVEL showed the footage before as well in the D23 Expo 2017, despite Marvel’s best attempts to keep the trailer exclusive, it found its way online — just like footage that Marvel showed the year before and the year before that.


Inside the footage –

After opening up with a sequence that shows the Guardians of the Galaxy actually running into Thor, in an apocalyptic scene, there was a short scene showing the Avengers and Thanos in battle. Thanos had the upper hand in each and every scene!

  • “Death follows him like a shadow”, Mantis says of Thanos.
  • Peter has Spidey – Sense! He’s riding in a school bus as the hair on his arm stand up as the villain’s ship descends to Earth
  • Spidey has his new costume, the Iron-Man kinda Exo suit, which he rejected at the end of Homecoming
  • Gamora walks around the collector’s lair where the aether, from Thor: The Dark World, is kept.
  • Loki offering up the Cosmic Cube
  • A massive ship crashing into a planet
  • Seems like the Avengers; including Iron Man, Star Lord, and Spider man are in another realm at one point.
  • “This does put a smile on my face” Thanos declares as he arrives on the planet and confronts the Avengers.
  • Doctor Strange and Star Lord all trying to fight Thanos.
  • Quick shots of the Winter Soldier and Black Panther in Wakanda.
  • Captain America shows up with a beard and will be reprising his role in Infinity War as the Nomad.
  • Iron Man has a new kind of Hulkbuster type of armor and possibly a different match of armor.
  • Thanos palming Thor’s head like he’s going to pop it like a balloon.
  • Black Widow looks super different, different hair. She’s blonde now!
  • Looks like there are several different battles at different fronts.
  • Thanos wields the Infinity Gauntlet and destroys a celestial body, which is a planet or probably the moon and hurls it at the Avengers.
  • Is Tony Stark the last man standing? Is his premonition from Age of Ultron coming true? His face was terrorized.

After watching the trailer, I went crazy over it and I couldn’t resist myself writing about this breakdown.

The movie will premiere on 25 April 2018 (Netherlands)


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