The best mobile games balance complexity and simplicity simultaneously. It looks simple in the beginning and in a few minutes you know pretty much exactly what’s going on, but as you progress through the game you realize there’s a lot more to it than you thought. Clash Royale by supercell walks that line brilliantly. At first glance, it’s an easy to understand mix between a tower defense game and an MOBA.

But once get into the game, you’ll find an engaging and addictive experience. You will realize better attack and defense strategies.

Introduction to Clash Royale

Official gameplay images from Google play store

Supercell set this game in Clash of Clans universe. If you’ve ever played that game, then you’re going to have a pretty decent idea about the game.

In gameplay terms, it’s a two lane MOBA. You’ve got three towers – two small ones to the left and right of the screen (Princess Tower), and then your King tower in the middle of them. King Tower will remain inactive until one of your side towers are down or king tower is attacked. Your opponent, who’s also a real person, has the same set up opposite you.


It’s your job to send out different troops, represented by a stack of 4 cards at the bottom of the screen out of 8 cards, you made before gameplay. You drag the card where you want to deploy your units, then release it.These cards have different elixir costs, your elixir regenerates over time.

As well as troops you’ve got spells and buildings at your disposal. They’re deployed in the same way and cost elixir too. All troops and building have health. Buildings lose health with time even when they are not attacked. Some spells have a lifespan.

Each card you play has strengths and weaknesses, and learning the roles of them is important.

The game adds an extra twist in the last minute as well. With sixty seconds left your elixir starts recharging at double rate, meaning both you and your opponent can start throwing out units faster.

To win the game you have to destroy king tower or else destroy more towers than your opponent.
In the case of a draw, you get another minute for sudden death person who loses his tower first loses the game as well.

The fights flow is brilliant. They might only last three minutes, but there’s a lot of tactical decisions to be made on the fly, and figuring out which cards to take into a battle can be the difference between success and crushing defeat.

There’s no energy system. There are wait timers on the chests you earn, which contain cards and coins, but that’s it. So long as you’ve got an internet connection you can jump in and smash as many faces as you want. Get trophies to proceed to the higher arena and unlock more cards and make new strategies with them.

Rewarding system

When you win you get a locked chest until you have 4. Depending upon the type of chest it takes 3 to 24 hours to unlock them. Better chest needs more time and has more cards and gold, you may find gems if you are lucky. You will also get a free chest every 4 hours max up to 2. Higher arena chest contains better rewards than lower ones.

After reaching level 8 you can join a tournament to convert your victories into rewards.

Present status of the Clash Royale

Currently Clash Royale game has 73 cards to offer with 5 more cards to be released.the cards are divided into 4 rarity type. There are 11 arenas in this game.Leagues start from 4000+, during season end you are rewarded with the chests according to the highest league you reached.
You can also join a clan to donate and request cards. Also, you can take part in various clan related event.

Clash Royale is celebrating summer of 2v2 that will end on 1 August 2017. This is a special game mode where two player play against two another player simultaneously. The only difference is that the king has two kings and more health than usual.



In the end

Even if you’re not a fan of Clash of Clans, Clash Royale is well worth a look. It’s an incredible amount of rewarding fun, it’s nail-biting at times, and there’s content here that will keep you busy for weeks if not months.
With correct gameplay and strategy, you will be able to win but you can easily lose hours in the quick-paced battles, and hours more balancing your deck to try and make sure you can take on all-comers.

                             In short “It is like a game of chess with more characters”.

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