Comic Con 2018 San Diego, What Can We Expect?

Comic Con, San Diego is just 3 weeks away from now and recently all the movie related industries are putting their best into it. But what shall we expect from the Comic-Con in July, well here are some of the fresh news of the Comic-Con San Diego:

  •  We won’t see a panel hosted by the marvel industry this time, as they have done this earlier also. Well, nothing to be upset about we can expect they are planning something big for the next year.
  • The show stealer might be DC but no confirmation has come from their place.
  • Venom might be processed on the Comic-Con, despite the fact marvel industry is skipping the conference but Sony entertainment industry is still hosting a panel. We can expect some news related to Venom as well.
  • HBO is skipping the conference as well that means no Game of Thrones this time. Sadly.
  • There will be a lot of announcements other than that associated to cartoon industry and others as well.

Further, into the convention we may or may not see the following trailers of TV series and movies:

The movies brought to us by DC Films :

  •  Aquaman 
  •  Shazam 
  •  Wonder women 1984
  • The Nun
  • Shaft
  • Mowgli
  • Fantastic Beasts: The Curse of Grindelwald 

The movies and TV series brought to us by Warner Bros :

  •  Castle Rock 
  • Young Justice: Outsiders 
  • The Big Bang Theory Writers’ Room
  • DC Superhero Girls 
  • Krypton 
  • Manifest 
  • Legacies 
  • Supergirl
  • Arrow 
  • Legends of Tomorrow
  • The Flash
  • The LEGO 2 
  • Godzilla – King of Monsters 
  • Lucifer


The movies and TV series brought to us by Disney :

  • Big Hero 6: The Series 
  • The DuckTales 
  • Big City Greens 
  • Star vs. The Forces of Evil 

The movies brought to us by the Fox Films :

  • The Passage 
  • Bob’s Burgers 
  • The Simpsons 
  • American Dad
  • Family Guy 
  • The Gifted 
  • The Orville 
  • Archer 
  • Predator (reboot)

Films and TV series that will come as a treat :

  • Venom trailer #2 – Sony Entertainment
  •  Doctor Who! – BBC America
  • NightFlyers – based on a novel by George Martin
  • Deadly Class – Rick Remender and Miles Orion
  • The Walking Dead – AMC Networks
  • Iron Fist – Marvel ( though Marvel is not coming to the convention Danny Rand from Marvel will be attending it to represent the Netflix show )
  • The Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – Nickelodeon
  •  Invader Zim – Nickelodeon

This and so much more in the upcoming Comic-Con San Diego in just 3 weeks. Stay tuned to GIML for further updates on Comic-Con and much more.


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