DC’s Legends of Tomorrow – Season 3 Episode 1 Aruba-Con detailed plot

Recap of Season 2

A group named by the Legends as the “Legion of Doom” consisting of former Arrowverse villains such as Reverse Flash/Eobard Thawne, Damien Darhk, and Malcolm Merlyn finally got hold of an ancient mythical artifact known as the Spear of Destiny/Holy Lance and changed reality to suit their own evil purposes and ruled over the world like gods.

Although their plan worked, the new reality they created did not exist for long as the Legends consisting of Sara Lance/White Canary, former captain Rip Hunter, Professor Martin Stein and Jefferson ‘Jax’ Jackson/Firestorm, Raymond ‘Ray’ Palmer/The Atom, Mick Rory/Heat Wave, Amaya Jiwe/Vixen, and Nathaniel ‘Nate’ Heywood/Steel traveled back in time to team up with their former selves and together they defeated the Legion of Doom by preventing them to get their hands on the Spear of Destiny in the first place. Although the Legends saved reality and the world with it, they broke the first rule of time travel. They went back in time and made contact with their former selves. Moreover, they tried to time jump together. As a result, they inadvertently broke time scattering people, animals, and buildings throughout time and place leading to numerous anachronisms.

Now that we have discussed more than enough about Season 2, let us come back to Season 3 and discuss the season premiere in detail.

Episode 1   –    Aruba-Con

As we witnessed at the end of Season 2 finale, the Legends crash landed the Waverider in an altered version of Los Angeles, 2017 where dinosaurs freely roam the city devastating it, and buildings both from the past and the future appear in Los Angeles (even the Big Ben which is supposed to be in London ends up in the city).

gamingismylife_dinosaurs approaching the crashed Waverider
Dinosaurs approaching the crashed Waverider in an altered Los Angeles, 2017 with historically misplaced buildings in the background.

As the Legends step out of the Waverider to check out the situation, they are almost immediately attacked by a dinosaur. To their utter surprise, the dinosaur vanishes through a portal right in front of them and from another portal behind them, comes former captain Rip Hunter (who left the team in the Season 2 finale). Rip Hunter explains that although from the Legends’ perspective, where it’s been only about 15 minutes since Rip left, he actually traveled in time and spent 5 years forming the Time Bureau, an organization dedicated to fixing the anachronisms (people, animals, and buildings misplaced throughout time) caused when the Legends broke time. He also disbands the Legends and seizes their timeship stating that the services of the Legends are no longer required.

The story forwards to six months later where the Legends are shown to be leading normal lives; Sara working at a home decor store, Ray working at a dating app startup, Martin living with his pregnant daughter, Jax studying in an engineering college, Nate helping Kid Flash in protecting Central City, Mick enjoying a vacation in Aruba, and Amaya protecting her native village Zambesi in 1942 after breaking up with Nate. Everything seems normal and boring for most of the Legends until Mick spots Julius Caesar (who has been misplaced to Aruba, 2017).

gamingismylife_julius caesar in aruba
Julius Caesar in Aruba, 2017

He immediately calls up Sara who contacts Ray and Nate, and goes to the Time Bureau office in 2017 to inform them of the incident. When they are arrested by the bureau for breaking into the building, Rip Hunter (who is now the Director of the Time Bureau) comes to their rescue and shows them the Waverider, which has been turned into a simulator by the Time Bureau to teach the trainees.

Julius Caesar escapes from Mick’s custody while two Time Bureau agents open a portal to Aruba to capture Caesar. Mick accidentally tackles down another man who was identically dressed as Caesar. Both Mick and the man are taken to the Time Bureau where Rip shows his disgust as he believes that the Legends are only good at messing things up. When Nate sees Mick with an original ancient Roman gold coin, he, Mick, Sara, and Ray steal the Waverider from the Time Bureau and recruits Martin and Jax vowing to fix the anachronism. They travel to Aruba where Sara fights Julius Caesar, knocks him out, and puts him in the brig.

gamingismylife_sara, fighting julius caesar in Aruba.
Sara, fighting Julius Caesar in Aruba.

Despite Rip’s request to return Caesar and the Waverider back to the Time Bureau, the Legends decide to return Caesar to Rome, 49 BC themselves to prove their worth to the Time Bureau.


After returning Caesar to his original timeline, the Legends discover that Caesar had pick-pocketed one of Nate’s Roman history book and used the future knowledge to capture the world. To restore the timeline and prove to the Legends the efficiency of the Time Bureau, which is led by Agent Ava Sharpe travels to Caesar’s camp to retrieve Nate’s history book. The mission turns out to be a failure as Caesar’s soldiers’ ambush and capture Agent Sharpe. A reluctant Rip, having no choice, allows the Legends to rescue Sharpe and retrieve the book. The Legends successfully complete the mission by easily defeating Caesar’s soldiers, rescuing Agent Sharpe and retrieving the book where Sharpe is disgusted by the Legends’ lack of coordination and discipline.

As a token of gratitude, Rip allows the Legends to keep the Waverider and fix the anachronisms. Sharpe confronts Rip about allowing the Legends to fix history stating their obvious lack of discipline. Rip tells Sharpe that although the Legends aren’t completely good at fixing history, they might be needed to confront ‘Mallus’. In Zambesi, 1942, a group of soldiers comes to plunder Amaya’s village.Despite Amaya’s warning, the soldiers attack her. Amaya, summoning the ‘ashes’ (spirits) of multiple animals mercilessly kills all her attackers, even the ones trying to flee.

gamingismylife_amaya/vixen fighting soldiers with spirits of multiple animals
Spirits of multiple animals summoned by Amaya attacks a group of hostile soldiers.

That was all you needed to know about the season premiere.

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