DC’s Legends of Tomorrow – Season 3 Episode 6 Helen Hunt detailed plot

Recap of Episode 5

In London, 1895, Rip Hunter locates a dead body drained off its blood. Nate arranges the anachronism map to form a pattern, with two anachronisms lying outside the pattern – Kuasa’s attack on Zari in Seattle, 2042, and a vampire attack in London, 1895. The Legends head to London, 1895 to fix the anachronism. Rip Hunter approaches the Legends and asks for their help in investigating the ‘Mallus’ threat who is also responsible for the vampire attacks.

While trying to rescue a kidnapped Nate, they find Damien Darhk’s dead body which the ‘Order of the Shrouded Compass’ plan to resurrect. Due to Rip’s obsession with catching Mallus, he forces the Legends to leave Darhk’s body be, and locks them in the Waverider while heading to Darhk’s resurrection ceremony with the Time Bureau. Darhk is resurrected by Eleanor, who kills several Time Agents and was about to kill Rip whom the Legends rescue leading to Darhk and Eleanor’s escape. Sara contacts the Time Bureau who arrests Rip, pardoning the Legends in-exchange for the information about Rip’s location.

On the other hand, Martin eventually agrees with Jax to help him break up Firestorm.

Now that we have discussed more than enough about Episode 5, let us come back to Episode 6.

Episode 6 – Helen Hunt

In Hollywood, 1937, a woman is seen walking along a film set where few men face minor accidents due to staring at her without noticing their surroundings. Mesmerized by her beauty, Arnold Coleson of Warner Bros. Studios casts her as Helen of Troy in his upcoming movie replacing Hedy LaMarr.

Back on the Waverider, Ray tries to transfer Martin’s Firestorm matrix into Jax’s body. The experiment fails due to a system overheat which results in Martin and Jax switching bodies. Nate informs the Legends about an anachronism in Hollywood, 1937, where Warner Bros. Studios and K&G Pictures went to war over the beauty of a mysterious woman.

gamingismylife_Ray as he sets up the experimental device
Ray, as he sets up the experimental device to transfer the Firestorm matrix from Martin to Jax.

The Legends head there to fix the anachronism. Disguised as studio workers, they observe the situation as they don’t want to spook the woman. Two studio members start fighting each other over the woman’s beauty with Nate concluding that she is actually Helen of Troy displaced from her time. Upset by the situation, she heads outside the set with Zari following her. There, Helen is greeted by Edward Rothberg from K&G Pictures. She gets in his car with Eddie driving away as Coleson shoots at him.

gamingismylife_Two studio members fighting each other over Helen’s beauty
Two studio members fighting each other over Helen’s beauty.

Meanwhile, Jax starts to feel uncomfortable about being in Martin’s body as he suffers from joint ache, higher diabetic level, and a few other problems typical for someone of Martin’s age. Martin ensures him that he will fix the problem as soon as the team is done with fixing the anachronism.

Gideon informs the Legends that Rothberg will be throwing a gala to show off his new star. Deducing that the new star is Helen, the Legends head to the gala to search for her and then take her back to the time she came from. Martin (in Jax’s body) talks to a depressed Hedy LaMarr who came to the gala hoping for a chance of getting her role back. Helen arrives at the gala with Rothberg, surrounded by Rothberg’s security. Zari uses her powers to spill drink on Helen in order to get her away from the security.

gamingismylife_Helen and Rothberg, as they arrive at the gala
Helen of Troy and Edward Rothberg, as they arrive at the gala.

As Helen goes to her room to clean up, Sara and Zari try to convince her to come with them. Helen refuses and goes to talk to her agent. Her agent is revealed to Damien Darhk who came to the gala, along with Kuasa and Nora (Eleanor) as backup.

Darhk offers a parlay; he will leave the Legends in peace if they stop fixing anachronisms and go back to their time, or he’ll kill them all. During Sara and Darhk’s conversation, Kuasa talks to Amaya in her native language letting Amaya know that she is from Zambesi. She also lets her know that she is a totem bearer too as she possesses the Water Totem which is a part of her now. Amaya accuses her of being selfish due to her misusing the power of the totem to which Kuasa replies that it is Amaya who is selfish as she left her home to help the Legends.

Meanwhile, Mick starts a fight as a distraction when Ray refuses to go back to the Waverider since he was busy talking to Helen, mesmerized by her beauty. During the ensuing fight, Martin saves Hedy LaMarr from a gala attendee who tries to harass her.

Back on the Waverider, Martin proposes that they accept Darhk’s offer for peace, whereas Mick states that Darhk wants the Legends to split up in order to kill them one by one, with the Legends agreeing with Mick. They decide to retrieve Helen from Rothberg, with the male Legends being grounded by Sara due to their misbehavior at the gala.

gamingismylife_The Legends as they discuss Darhk’s offer for peace.
The Legends, as they discuss Damien Darhk’s offer for peace.

Sara, Zari, and Amaya infiltrate Rothberg’s mansion, and find Helen. Helen still refuses to go back fearing the violence that has escalated back in Troy due to her beauty. Coleson arrives at the mansion with his goons to get Helen back. A gunfight immediately ensues between Rothberg’s and Coleson’s goons. Zari and Amaya knocks the goons out in order to prevent them from killing each other while Sara covers Helen, with Helen greatly impressed by the women’s fighting skills.

gamingismylife_Coleson and his goons as they shoot at Rothberg’s men
Arnold Coleson and his goons, as they shoot at Edward Rothberg’s men.

When the women arrive back to the Waverider, they notice that vital systems of the ship are offline, including Gideon. Jax states that parts of the ship are somehow vanishing. Ray says that it might be a part of Darhk’s plan to trap them. Martin, however, states that it is happening because in the new version of history, Hedy LaMarr works as an operator for Warner Bros, instead of being cast as Helen of Troy in Coleson’s upcoming movie and later inventing the Frequency Hopping technique which is the backbone for most of the Waverider’s system, since science is cumulative.

Helen shares her experiences of Troy with Zari, where she was locked up in a tower for five years with a battle waging outside in the name of her beauty. She also complains the Legends’ decision of taking her back to Troy, where she has to go through all those situations again.

In order to fix history, Martin heads to Warner Bros. Studios where he convinces Hedy to talk to Coleson about getting her role back. Just as they come outside the operators’ room, they are attacked by Darhk and Nora. They hide in a studio set with Darhk and Nora giving chase. In order to save Hedy, Martin uses himself as bait. Just as Darhk tries to kill him, the Legends arrive and save him. Sara challenges Darhk to a duel, with no magic.

gamingismylife_Darhk as he uses his powers to stop Martin (in Jax’s body) and Hedy LaMarr
Damien Darhk, as he uses his powers to stop Martin (in Jax’s body), and Hedy LaMarr.

Sara and Darhk duel while Mick, Nate, and Ray fight with Nora. After a fierce sword-fight, Sara eventually disarms Darhk whereas Nora overpowers Ray, Mick, and Nate, using their own powers against them. Seeing Darhk held at sword point by Sara, Nora uses her magical abilities to weaken her. At this point, Darhk reveals that Nora is actually his daughter.

gamingismylife_Nora using her magical abilities to weaken Sara
Nora, as she uses her magical abilities to weaken Sara.

Hedy asks Jax and Martin to use their powers but Martin states that it could lead to catastrophic nuclear reaction since they switched bodies. She states that the particles in their bodies are mirrored and merging would maintain a stable reaction.

Just as Nora tries to kill Sara, Firestorm (with Martin’s body as host) saves her by attacking Nora. After a brief fight with both Nora and Darhk, Firestorm eventually overpowers them. Darhk and Nora retreat seeing that they are both overpowered as well as outnumbered. The merging of Firestorm leads to the restoration of Jax and Martin to their original bodies. Ray states that Sara needs medical attention.

gamingismylife_Firestorm with Martin’s body has the host
Firestorm, with Martin’s body has the host.

On the other hand, Zari and Amaya decide to manually lock the outside doors of the Waverider since the ship’s systems are offline. Kuasa enters the Waverider and attempts to kill Zari in order to get her totem. Amaya arrives and saves her. Kuasa knocks out Zari and engages in a fight with Amaya. During the fight, Kuasa reveals herself to be Amaya’s grand-daughter. Just as she tries to elaborate, Helen stabs her with a knife which she got from Amaya previously. Kuasa escapes because of her injuries.

gamingismylife_Amaya and Kuasa fighting each other
Kuasa and Amaya, as they fight each other inside the Waverider.

Hedy manages to get her role back in Coleson’s upcoming movie and thanks Martin for the constant motivation. Gideon places Sara in coma, in order for her to fully recover from the injuries she received from Nora. Ray tries to tell Amaya that Kuasa is her grand-daughter, to which she says that she already knows. He offers to tell her about her future but she refuses, in order for the timeline to remain intact.

After Helen repeatedly begs Zari not to take her back to Troy, Zari finds a loophole in history; Helen of Troy disappeared during the middle of the Trojan War but that did not affect the war itself. She takes Helen to Themyscira, 1253 BC, an island full of warrior women without the presence of any men.

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