DC’s Legends of Tomorrow – Season 3 Episode 2 Freakshow detailed plot

Recap of Episode 1

After Rip Hunter relieves the Legends of their duty, they go back to leading their normal (and boring) lives for six months until Mick Rory spots Julius Caesar during his vacation in Aruba. Mick informs Sara who reassembles the Legends and vows to fix the various anachronisms caused when they broke time.

Even though they are opposed and challenged by the Time Bureau (an organization formed by Rip Hunter to fix the anachronisms), the Legends take Julius Caesar back to Rome, 49 BC and successfully fix the anachronism (of course after a lot of hiccups). Rip Hunter convinces Time Bureau Agent Ava Sharpe that they might need the Legends to defeat Mallus.

On the other hand, Amaya (who went back to Zambesi, 1942 between Season 2 and 3) is shown to be more powerful than before as she kills all her attackers, even the ones trying to flee.

Coming back to Episode 2.

Episode 2 – Freakshow

Back on the Waverider, Nate recalls Amaya’s sudden disappearance six months before the season premiere. Six months ago, Amaya who was living with Nate in an apartment was making chocolate donuts for him as a surprise for his birthday. When they accidentally drop the chocolate sauce, Nate goes to the corner store to get some donuts. While Nate is gone, Amaya sees a news clip on the television with recorded footage of her grand-daughter Mari McCabe/Vixen as she fights of some criminals in Detroit.This reminds her that she must return to her native village Zambesi in order to preserve Mari’s existence who saved countless lives in Detroit. When Nate returns home he finds it empty, with Amaya and all her belongings gone.

In the present day, Ray develops a shrink ray or as he calls it, the hyper-molecular compressor to easily shrink down or enlarge materials and animals for ease of transport. (Wait. Didn’t he have one in Season 1?) The Legends look at the anachronism map and try to figure out which anachronism they must fix, as Sara fears that going after a difficult anachronism and messing it up will give the Time Bureau another excuse to come after them.

gamingismylife_legends look at anachronism map
The Legends as they look at the anachronism map.

After suggestions from all the team members, the Legends eventually select a Level 1 anachronism in Wisconsin, 1870 on the grounds of P.T Barnum’s circus. From P.T Barnum’s announcement, the Legends realize that the anachronism is a sabre-tooth tiger which instead of being extinct for 10,000 years, is in Barnum’s circus cage. Ray, Nate, and Jax find the sabre-tooth tiger in a cage where Ray, using his hyper-molecular compressor, accidentally enlarges the tiger instead of shrinking it. The tiger immediately escapes the circus much to Sara’s disgust. Knowing that things are getting out of hand, Sara takes the jumpship to Zambesi, 1942 to recruit Amaya as Amaya is the only one who has experience with controlling animals.

gamingismylife_sabre-tooth tiger
The enlarged sabre-tooth tiger as it escapes the cage.

Amaya initially refuses to come back but agrees when Sara lies to her that Nate is ‘thrilled’ to know that she is coming back. Amaya is heartily greeted back to the ship by everyone except Nate who is angry at her for dumping him and leaving without even talking to him. Sara takes Ray’s hyper-molecular compressor and goes with Amaya to find the sabre-tooth tiger. While Amaya distracts the animal, Sara uses the compressor to shrink the tiger to the size of a cat and brings it back to the Waverider.

Meanwhile, Nate visits a nearby bar to drink off his grief with Ray and Jax accompanying him. Ray and Jax convince Nate to talk to Amaya about why she dumped him. A drunk Nate picks a fight with one of the patrons, revealing to everyone in the bar including Barnum, his superpowers. When an astonished Barnum asks him about his abilities, he tells him about the superpowers of every member of the team. As Nate goes back to the Waverider, Barnum’s bodybuilder knocks Ray and Jax hoping to use them as circus performers since they have superpowers. When Jax and Ray explain that they can’t use their superpowers without Stein and the Atom suit respectively, Barnum worried about his circus decides to dress them as conjoined twins instead.

When Amaya and Sara ask Nate about Ray and Jax, he tells them that they went to Barnum’s circus for a private show and he didn’t see them since. As Sara, Amaya, and Nate go back to the circus to find them, Sara observes that they are being followed. Sara knocks out their follower who is revealed to be Gary, one the Time Bureau agents sent by Ava Sharpe to spy on the Legends as the anachronism raised from a Level 1 to a Level 6. Nate and Amaya are knocked out by Barnum’s men when they attempt to rescue their missing teammates Ray and Jax. While in the cage, Amaya and Nate reconcile as she reveals to him the real reason why she left, to preserve Mari’s existence.

Ava Sharpe, realizing that Gary has been captured by the Legends and that the anachronism raised to Level 9, arrives at the Waverider and fights with Sara.

gamingismylife_sara vs ava
Sara and Agent Sharpe fighting each other.

Realizing that they cannot defeat each other since they are equally skilled, they form a truce. They are attacked by the sabre-tooth tiger, which returned back to normal size as the effects of the compressor remain only for an hour. Sara uses the teleport watch to teleport both of them to the brig.

Back on the circus, while Ray and Jax are forced to act as conjoined twins, Barnum compels Nate to steel up by threatening Amaya’s life. When Barnum repeatedly shoots Nate’s steel body despite Nate feeling dehydrated, Amaya summons a bear’s spirit and breaks open the cage. Meanwhile, Mick, Martin, Jax, and Ray fights off some of Barnum’s clowns. A berserk Amaya attempts to kill Barnum but is calmed by Nate as he tells her that the totem makes her a protector and not a killer.

gamingismylife_amaya/vixen berserk
A berserk Amaya as she attempts to kill P.T Barnum.

After successfully dealing with the anachronism, Amaya explains to the team that she has been recently losing control over herself whenever she uses her powers and is a threat even to the team. The team still accepts her stating that everyone makes mistakes. When Sara tries to explain the Mallus threat to the team ( which she learned from Agent Sharpe before), they all laugh it off stating they have faced even greater threats before (referring to Vandal Savage and Eobard Thawne).

Elsewhere, a follower of Mallus summons Kuasa (Mari’s older sister from the animated series Vixen) as she emerges from the water.

That was it for Season 3 Episode 2.

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