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Recap of Episode 2 -.

The Legends head to Wisconsin, 1870 to prevent an anachronism which is revealed to be a sabre-tooth tiger supposed to be extinct for 10,000 years. When Ray accidentally enlarges the tiger, things get out of hand as the tiger escapes and P.T Barnum captures several members of the Legends and forces them to perform in his circus. Sara recruits Amaya who has problems controlling her powers. The Legends eventually fix the anachronism and free their captive members. Elsewhere, Kuasa (Amaya’s grand-daughter and Mari’s sister) emerges from the water.

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Episode 3 – Zari

In Seattle, 2042, ARGUS is seen transporting a female prisoner. Kuasa ambushes the truck, kills the agents, and opens the back door. The prisoner, however, was gone. Time Agent Gary witnesses the full incident and sends out a distress signal.

Back on the Waverider, Martin and Nate witness Amaya stuck to a ceiling as she summons the ashe of a spider during a nightmare.

gamingismylife_amaya_spider spirit
Professor Martin Stein points out to Amaya as she hangs from a ceiling after summoning the ashe of spider.

Although Amaya says that her problem is mystical rather than scientific, Martin insists and takes her to the med bay.

Meanwhile, the Legends intercept Gary’s distress call and head to Seattle, 2042 to rescue him. The Legends notice that ARGUS has placed the city under martial law where being a meta-human is illegal and religion is banned. They find Gary who reveals that the Time Bureau got reports of illegal time travel activities and sent him to arrest Kuasa, and prevent an anachronism by saving the prisoner whom she was trying to kill. The Legends find out from the prisoner log that the name of the prisoner is Zari Tomaz.

With the help of Gideon (the ship’s artificial intelligence), the Legends locate Zari’s hideout. Sara, Ray, Nate, and Mick go there to convince her to come with them as her life is in danger. Zari, however, states that she doesn’t need their help and that they might have led ARGUS to the hideout. An ARGUS drone, which had been tailing the Legends, immediately appears and identifies them as missing meta-humans. Zari hacks the drone to conceal her identity and escapes. ARGUS agents immediately attack the Legends, but the Legends easily defeat them and escape. Kuasa sneakingly observes the whole incident.

gamingismylife_legends surrounded by ARGUS
ARGUS detainment personnel surrounding the Legends.

Back on the Waverider, Gideon couldn’t figure out the cause of Amaya’s problems. Martin suggests changing Gideon’s diagnostic algorithm while Nate suggests they go back in time and talk to Amaya’s ancestor. Amaya ignores both their advice and claims her problem to be mystical in nature which cannot be solved by science. She also states that talking to her ancestor might mess up time.

The rest of the Legends, disappointed by Zari’s attitude, looks into her file to find out that she is wanted by ARGUS for several crimes which include being a meta-human as well as Muslim. Mick deduces Zari’s location to a criminal bar. The Legends arrive at the bar and again, convinces Zari to come with them. They are immediately attacked by Kuasa. After a brief fight between Sara and Kuasa, Mick distracts Kuasa by starting a bar fight while the Legends escape to the Waverider with Zari.

gamingismylife_kuasa vs sara
Kuasa and Sara fighting in the bar.

Nate suggests Amaya use the Lyoga root, a spiritual hallucinogenic herb from Zambesi, to go on a spiritual ‘vision quest’. When Amaya states that using the root in the wrong proportion can be lethal, Nate says that he had Gideon fabricate it and used a dose on himself for a quality test. Amaya consumes the root, and both she and Nate sit down for it to work.

The Legends suggests that they use Zari as bait to draw out Kuasa and capture her. Zari agrees on one condition; the Legends must help rescue her brother from an ARGUS prison. Having no other choice, the Legends (except Nate, Amaya, and Martin) along with Zari break into the ARGUS prison. While inside, Zari quickly locates her brother’s prison cell. As Jax notices several meta-human inmates tortured by ARGUS, he unlocks all the prison cells. At this point, it is revealed that the prison break was actually a ruse for Zari to break into ARGUS and steal her brother’s mystical totem. When confronted by the Legends, Zari uses the totem (which allows her to manipulate wind) to escape with Ray giving chase.

gamingismylife_zari escaping the legends
Zari, using her totem to escape from the Legends.

While under the influence of the Lyoga root, Amaya dreams about standing amidst a place identical to Zambesi. She sees her ancestor who tells her that she is in ‘the world between worlds’. Her ancestor states that Amaya must find ‘the girl’ and protect her as she would be the new totem bearer. She also advises Amaya to trust in her powers rather than to resist it.

Ray follows Zari to a destroyed camp. Zari tells Ray that ARGUS killed her brother and confiscated his totem as he fought against their injustice. ARGUS caught Zari while she was trying to steal the totem back. The rest of her family was supposed to rendezvous at the camp (which she calls ‘Jannah’, Arabic for sanctuary). Kuasa attacks Ray and Zari, and easily overpowers them in the fight after Zari refuses to give her the totem.

gamingismylife_zari looking at destroyed camp
Zari looking at the destroyed camp where she was supposed to meet her parents.

A much bigger Time Bureau ship (whom Gary contacted) attacks the Waverider. As Gary opens a portal and escapes to the bureau ship, Agent Sharpe sends a message to the Legends asking them to give up Zari’s location. Realizing that the Time Bureau will give Zari back to ARGUS who will torture her, Sara escapes to the temporal zone as the bureau ship give chase. Noticing that bureau ship is damaging the Waverider, Sara flies it straight for a collision course with the bureau ship while Amaya, Mick, and Jax escape in the jumpship to rescue Ray and Zari. Agent Sharpe having no other choice time jumps away.

As the trio (Amaya, Mick, and Jax) arrive at Zari and Ray’s location, Amaya who can now fully control her powers, fights Kuasa and easily overpowers her. Kuasa escapes stating that ‘if she kills Amaya, she would only be killing herself’.

Later, the Legends receive an incoming message from Agent Sharpe stating that if she ever tracks down and arrests the Legends, they will be exiled to the dawn of time. As the Legends decide to drop Zari back to 2042, Amaya realizing that her fate is entwined with that of Zari asks her to come aboard the Waverider as she could be under attack again.

In Ivy Town, 1988, a young Ray Palmer escapes from bullies and hides in a drainage pipe. He sees a pair of glowing eyes in the dark and introduces himself to the creature.

gamingismylife_child Ray Palmer escaping from bullies
A young Ray Palmer cycling away from bullies.

That’s it for Season 3 Episode 3.

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