DC’s Legends of Tomorrow – Season 3 Episode 4 Phone Home detailed plot

Recap of Episode 3 

The Legends head to Seattle, 2042 after intercepting a distress signal sent by Time Agent Gary. He tells the Legends about his mission; to save an ARGUS prisoner named Zari Tomaz by arresting Kuasa, who has been illegally traveling through time.

After saving Zari from Kuasa, the Legends help her break into an ARGUS prison to rescue her brother. The prison break turns out to be a ruse as Zari steals a mystical totem from ARGUS and escapes using the totem’s powers. Kuasa again attacks Zari at a destroyed rendezvous camp (where Zari was supposed to meet her parents). Amaya, who can now control her powers, arrives with the rest of the Legends and overpowers her alone. Kuasa, however, escapes.

Amaya realizes that her fate is entwined with that of Zari and asks her to join the Legends. On the other hand, Time Agent Ava Sharpe promises to exile the Legends to the dawn of time if she ever arrests her.

Now that we have discussed more than enough about Episode 3, let us discuss Episode 4 in detail.


Episode 4 – Phone Home

 At a secret facility in Ivy Town, 1988, a young Ray Palmer runs away from clandestine government operatives. He makes his way towards a lab but is eventually cornered by the agents. As he tries to snatch the lab keys from one of the agents, he is shot dead.

Back on the Waverider, the adult Ray conducts a team exercise as he believes that it will help the team grow stronger, especially for Zari to bond with the team. During a ‘trust fall’ exercise, as Mick falls in Ray’s arms, Ray suddenly vanishes into thin air. Gideon reveals that Ray was found dead on the day of Halloween in the year 1988 when he was just eight years old.

gamingismylife_Ray as he vanishes
Ray, as he suddenly vanishes inside the Waverider.

The Legends immediately head to Ivy Town, October 30th, 1988, one day before Ray’s death in order to save him. As soon as the Legends reach 1988, the adult Ray reappears back on the Waverider.

The Legends go to young Ray’s school during departure time in order to keep an eye on him and his surrounding neighborhood to make sure no one kills him. Much to Ray’s surprise, his younger-self heads to a newsstand and steals candies. The Legends continue to follow young Ray as he safely reaches his house. Although the Legends think that young Ray’s assassin aborted when he saw them, the adult Ray continues to follow his younger-self. Ray sneakingly observes from outside his home’s window as his younger-self feeds the stolen candies to a pet hidden under the bed. As the pet crawls from under the bed, it is revealed to be an infant Dominator (the alien species that attacked Earth last year in the Arrowverse crossover ‘Invasion’).

The Legends assume that the infant alien is the one who will eventually kill Ray’s younger-self. Since Ray doesn’t remember befriending an alien as a child, he deduces that the infant Dominator is an anachronism (displaced from time and space). They plan to retrieve the baby alien from Ray’s childhood home and return it to wherever it belongs.

Ray and Zari break into young Ray’s room to find the baby alien, as young Ray would be in school and his mother would be in office during the day. As Ray and Zari try to retrieve the baby alien, they hear the voice of young Ray who skipped school to spend time with his pet alien. Zari hides under young Ray’s bed while adult Ray shrinks down using the ATOM suit. The baby alien grabs the shrunk down adult Ray and shakes him thinking him as a toy. The young Ray arrives at his room and puts the shrunk down adult Ray amongst his toys. He then starts watching a musical with the baby alien.

gamingismylife_Young Ray and the baby Dominator
Young Ray Palmer and the infant Dominator watching a musical.

Ray’s mother, who got a call hearing young Ray skipped school, came home from office. Young Ray hides the baby alien in his wardrobe before his mother enters the room. Seeing young Ray being scolded by his mother, the baby alien gets angry. Hearing a sound from inside the wardrobe, Ray’s mother moves to open it. She, however, is distracted by Nate and Amaya as they ring the doorbell posing as animal control officers. Ray’s mother tells Nate and Amaya about his habit of picking up stray animals and criticizes his passion of science.

Meanwhile, Gideon informs the rest of the team about the approach of another timeship. Sara heads out to the timeship’s location to check out the situation.

The young Ray is disheartened when he overhears his mother’s criticism about his hobbies. He takes the baby alien, the shrunk down adult Ray (as a toy for his alien) in his backpack, and leaves his home thinking that no one cares for him. Zari follows him and asks him to come back, but he continues to escape thinking she wants to take away his pet alien.

Jax and Mick observe that Martin has been hiding something from the team, and also that he is reluctant to stay on the ship. Mick finds out that Martin has been traveling away from the Waverider using the jumpship and deleted the travel logs. He deduces that Martin is betraying the team by secretly conspiring with the Time Bureau. Jax and Mick eventually learn that Martin has also been developing a transmitter that can communicate through time, thus confirming their suspicions about Martin’s betrayal.

Meanwhile, Sara, who went to check out the last known location of another timeship, is attacked by the infant Dominator’s mother. On the other hand, Nate and Amaya search the woods for young Ray and the baby alien. Hearing some voices, they hide behind the bushes to notice that clandestine government agents are also looking for young Ray and the baby alien. Zari follows young Ray to his tent in the woods. Just she gets through to young Ray, they are captured by the government agents who had been looking for the baby alien.

The baby alien, Zari, and young Ray are taken to a secret facility, where the agents turn on a psychic dampener to neutralize the baby alien’s neural impulses so that it cannot mind control them. They plan on extracting information from young Ray and kill him later to cover up the incident.

Meanwhile, the Queen Dominator (the infant alien’s mother) asks a captured Sara about the whereabouts of the baby alien. When Sara says that the alien needs her to find the baby, the alien reads Sara’s mind and heads to Ray’s house, the last known location of the infant.

gamingismylife_Sara and the Queen Dominator.
Sara being questioned by the Queen Dominator.

Back on the Waverider, as Martin tries to travel away in the jumpship again, he is confronted by Mick and Jax about his betrayal. Mick damages the jumpship so that Martin cannot escape.

Martin immediately receives a message from his daughter, on his trans-temporal communicator that she is heading to the hospital for the delivery of her child. Martin explains to Jax and Mick that he was heading to 2017 to see the birth of his first grand-child. He took the jumpship before to give the other communicator to his pregnant daughter and deleted the travel logs because he wanted the team to believe that he was still committed to them. Mick suggests they take the Waverider to 2017 as he doesn’t want Martin to miss the birth of his first grand-child.

Just as Ray rescues Zari from the facility, young Ray gets cornered by agents (just like the scene from the beginning of the episode). As the agents prepare to shoot young Ray, the adult Ray saves him. Young Ray asks them to save the baby alien too. The adult Ray tries to convince his younger-self to leave without the infant alien but Zari feeling pity for the kid promises him that they’ll rescue the baby. They head to the lab where the alien is being held.

Sara comes back to her senses and informs the team that the mother alien is heading for Ray’s home. Nate heads there to make sure Ray’s mother is safe. She, however, tries to seduce him. Amaya hears a muffled scream and sees Ray’s mother tied to a tree. She soon realizes that the Queen Dominator has mind controlled Nate making him think that she is Ray’s mother. Amaya attacks her and escapes with Nate while the alien gives chase. Sara initially plans to lure the mother alien to the Waverider’s brig but finds it gone (since Martin, Mick, and Jax took it).

Ray, Zari, and young Ray locate the captured baby alien. Just as young Ray turns off the psychic dampener which was hurting the baby, agents arrive at the lab and surround him, Zari, and the adult Ray. The baby alien mind controls the agents while Ray, Zari, and young Ray escape with him. With the mother alien still chasing Nate and Amaya, they head to the woods where they rendezvous with Sara, just as Ray, Zari, and young Ray arrive there too with the baby alien. After they bid farewell to the infant Dominator, they return him to his mother who goes home in peace.

gamingismylife_Queen Dominator
The Queen Dominator holding her baby as she gets him back.

Martin arrives in time to see the birth of his grand-son who he calls Ronnie (in memory of his late Firestorm partner). Jax apologizes to him for not trusting him which Martin forgives stating he should have trusted Jax with his secret.

As child Ray dresses up as the ATOM for Halloween, he is mocked by his friends. Just as he is about to be bullied, the Legends arrive and tell the bullies that they are young Ray’s friends.

gamingismylife_Young Ray Palmer and the Legends
The Legends standing behind a young Ray Palmer as he is dressed up as the ATOM for Halloween.

Back on the Waverider, as Ray prepares to watch a musical with Zari, Jax approaches him and asks to help him break up Firestorm as Martin now has a family he wants to be with.

That was all for Episode 4.

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