DC’s Legends of Tomorrow – Season 3 Episode 5 Return of the Mack detailed plot

Recap of Episode 4

During a team exercise, Ray Palmer suddenly vanishes into thin air. Gideon reveals that he was found dead when he was eight years old. The Legends immediately head to Ivy Town, 1988 to save him. They find out that Ray’s younger-self had adopted an infant Dominator, whom clandestine government agents were looking for.

The infant Dominator’s mother arrives and attacks the Legends thinking that they kidnapped him. The infant Dominator and young Ray are captured by government agents but the Legends eventually rescue them and return the baby alien to his mother.

Martin’s daughter Lily gives birth to a son whom they name Ronnie. Seeing Martin’s desire to be with his family, Jax asks Ray to help him break up Firestorm.

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Episode 5 – Return of the Mack

In London, 1895, Rip Hunter locates a dumped off dead body. Upon superficially examining the body, he concludes that the man was killed by a ‘vampire’.

Back on the Waverider, Ray injects Jax with a serum that severs his psychic connection with Martin as Ray believes that it would be a pre-requisite to breaking up the nuclear bond. Zari asks Sara, Amaya, and Martin to take her to 2041 to save her family. Much to her disappointment, they explain that it cannot be done since changing history can have severe consequences on the timeline.

Nate calls a team meeting and explains to the rest of the Legends that although the anachronisms seemed random at first, he arranged the anachronism map to form a pattern. Two anachronisms, however, lie outside the pattern. The first one is Kuasa’s attack on Zari in 2042, and the second one is a seemingly ‘vampire attack’ in London, 1895 where half a dozen men were found dead with their blood completely drained from their body.

The Legends head to London, 1895 to fix the anachronism. Dressed as Scotland Yard and NYPD police officers, the Legends go to the coroner’s office to get information about the vampire’s victims. They find out that the coroner possesses a 7G Palmer Tech smartwatch from 2016. When interrogated by the Legends, he states that the watch belongs to a dead person who fell from the sky wearing strange clothes and with no identification. He also tells that the vampire attacks started the day after he buried the body.

gamingismylife_Mick stabbing vampire victim
Mick Rory, stabbing the vampire’s victim in the coroner’s office to prevent it from coming back to life.

Assuming that the man, whom the coroner buried, is the vampire, the Legends head to the graveyard to dig his grave. They notice that the grave has already been dug up. Rip comes out from the dug up grave and asks the Legends for their help stating that the Time Bureau is not aware of his whereabouts.

Meanwhile, Jax starts to suffer from short-term memory loss, a side effect of the serum that Ray gave him. Martin notices Jax’s strange behavior and asks him the reason. He and Ray lie to him stating that it is simply Temporal Dysplasia, a side effect of time travel. On the other hand, Amaya tries to sympathize with Zari since the Legends cannot save her family. They notice that their totems emit light rays that converge together. Amaya says that she and Zari are connected somehow, and asks her to help find the answer together.

gamingismylife_Amaya and Zari’s totem connecting with each other
Amaya and Zari’s totem connecting with each other.

Rip explains to the team that since the last five years, he has been chasing a threat called Mallus, who is recruiting allies throughout time. He approached the Legends since the Time Bureau refuses to believe the threat. The Legends agree to help him when he promises to call off the Time Bureau’s pursuit of them. Rip states the vampire is a part of Mallus’ plans and that catching the vampire might lead them to Mallus. In order to draw out the vampire, the Legends decide to use Nate as bait.

Nate walks to a dark and abandoned field where he sees a man who looks just like Martin. He is immediately kidnapped by another man. Rip and Sara chase Nate’s kidnapper who tries to flee in a carriage but they eventually find that the carriage was a decoy and that Nate is gone. Nate wakes up tied to an operating table with his powers suppressed. Martin’s look-alike explains that he plans to use Nate’s blood to resurrect his master.

Nate manages to activate his comms and explains his situation to the team. Gideon reveals that Martin’s look-alike is actually his great-great-grandfather, Sir Henry Stein. When the Legends ask him about his location, Nate says that he is in an operating room with a blood red moon painting. Rip deduces that Henry Stein is a member of the ‘Order of the Shrouded Compass’, a secret society that believes in the magical properties of a total lunar eclipse which turns the moon’s color to red. They find out that the lunar eclipse is supposed to occur in London that night and head to the Order’s meeting as they believe it is the perfect place for a vampire to hide.

gamingismylife_Rip explaining the team about the Order
Rip Hunter, explaining the Legends about the total lunar eclipse which the ‘Order of the Shrouded Compass’ believes to be magical.

Back on the Waverider, Ray and Jax examine the watch, they took from the coroner, for fingerprints to find out who the owner is. They find out four different fingerprints; the coroner’s, Ray’s, an unidentified one, and Oliver Queen’s (the Green Arrow). They decide to contact Team Arrow for more information. Curtis Holt from Team Arrow tells them that he got a match for the unidentified fingerprint and that the watch belongs to Damien Darhk (who was killed by the Green Arrow in 2016).

At the Order’s meeting, Henry Stein introduces the crowd to Madame Eleanor, who came from America to attend the ceremony. Madame Eleanor asks Zari to sit at the table for the ceremony. During the ceremony, Eleanor summons the spirit of Zari’s brother Behrad, who blames her for his death. Amaya and Mick blow their cover when they attempt to stop Eleanor.

On the other hand, just as Nate’s kidnapper attempt to draw out his blood Rip and Sara rescue him. They open the pod containing the person whom the kidnapper was trying to resurrect using Nate’s blood. The dead person is revealed to be Damien Darhk. Sara suggests that they must get his body out of the place before he is resurrected. Rip, on the other hand, states that Darhk is not the mission and suggests they leave his body be. The Legends are forced to retreat since they are already under attack by the members of the Order.

gamingismylife_Damien Darhk's dead body
Damien Darhk’s dead body inside a pod, to be resurrected later.

Rip states that destroying Darhk’s body will destroy any chance of catching Mallus at the resurrection ceremony. The Legends disagree with him and state that they immediately destroy Darhk’s body.

Saddened by the incident at the ceremony, Zari tries to give away her totem to Amaya stating she doesn’t deserve it, as she blames herself for fleeing when ARGUS killed her brother. Amaya says that Zari’s totem is the only remaining connection to her brother, to which Zari replies that the totem is a reminder that it should have been her who should have died instead of her brother.

Martin notices the absence of his psychic connection with Jax. He catches Ray and Jax while they attempt to work on breaking up Firestorm. Jax explains that he is doing it so that Martin can go home to his daughter ad grand-son. Martin, however, is disappointed by the fact that they were attempting all of this behind his back.

Zari goes to Eleanor and asks her to summon her brother’s spirit again so that she can apologize for leaving him and tell him that she has a way of bringing him back. Eleanor states that she needs something that belonged to Zari’s brother so that she can focus her energy on it. Zari gives her totem to Eleanor since it once belonged to her brother. Eleanor uses the totem’s power to knock Zari out and orders her follower to restrain her while she heads for Darhk’s resurrection ceremony.

gamingismylife_Eleanor holding Zari's totem
Madame Eleanor, as she holds Zari’s totem.

On the other hand, Rip uses an override command to lockdown the Waverider so that the Legends cannot interfere with Darhk’s resurrection ceremony as he wants to catch Mallus.

At the ceremony just as Eleanor begins resurrecting Darhk, Rip pulls out his gun, and several Time Agents immediately arrive and free Zari from her restraints. Rip asks her to call Mallus but she, however, just summons his spirit to her body. Mallus tells Rip that he is a god and that no one can survive if they look at his physical form. Darhk is successfully resurrected and a fight ensues between the Time Agents and the members of the Order. Darhk, with his mystical powers, and Eleanor, with the totem’s powers, kill several of the Time Bureau Agents.

gamingismylife_Damien Darhk attacking a Time Agent
A resurrected Damien Darhk, using his mystical powers to attack a Time Agent.

The Legends, on the other hand, fly the Waverider to the ceremony and fire a missile at their own timeship to blast open the cargo bay door. Just as Rip is about to be killed by Darhk, the Legends arrive and engages the members of the Order. During the fight, Zari manages to take back her totem from Eleanor. Eleanor and Darhk escape seeing that they are outnumbered.

Back on the Waverider, Jax tells Martin that he had Ray restore their psychic connection. Martin agrees to help him break up Firestorm. Zari tells Amaya that she felt her brother’s presence when she got her totem back. Amaya tells her that the totem’s power becomes stronger with the threat they must face (just like her ancestor said to her). She also tells her that they are going to be great friends one day.

Sara confronts Rip about the incident at the ceremony which led to the death of several Time Agents. Rip, who is obsessed with Mallus, shows little remorse for his guilt and still tries to figure out ways to stop Mallus. Unbeknownst to him, Sara secretly contacted the Time Bureau and revealed Rip’s location in exchange for them to stop pursuing the Legends.

Time Agents, including Agent Sharpe and Director Bennett, arrive and arrest Rip stating that he is suspended from active duty and will be detained as no one is exempt from the rule (not even Rip who created the Time Bureau). While being taken away, Rip tells Sara that history needs the Legends to be ready in order to face Mallus.

gamingismylife_Rip Hunter being arrested
Rip Hunter, being arrested by a Time Agent.


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