Destiny 2 Free Trial Version to Go Live on Nov 28

Destiny 2 is a first-person action shooter development by Bungie and is available on the following platforms PC, PS & Xbox. 

Destiny 2 free trial will be available on Nov 28th on PlayStation 4, Xbox One & PC (Viz Battle.net). It will only include two game destinations: The European Dead Zone on Earth and the moon Titan.


Players can play campaign missions and adventure sets on the EDZ (European Dead Zone) and Titan During the free trial. They can join clans and earn clan experience, however, players can only level-up till level 7 and carry over the progress once they purchase the full version, which is available for 35% lesser than the original price on battle.net

Check out Destiny 2 Free Trial Offical Trailer. Clearly, Blizzard is trying to attract more players to buy the game.

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