EA Came in the Play With Unravel Two | E3 2018 |

EA is back again with the sequel of Unravel, living in the kind of gaming world full of action and adventure it is important to introduce such indie games here and there. The story of the game remains the same of a living ball of yarn known as a Yarny who uses its own thread to manipulate the world and solve riddles.

Is the Unravel Two different from the first?

The difference between the two games occurs as the creators have added two Yarns into the game. They will work together to solve every single puzzle in the game. This game opens up a vast number of possibilities of what may come forth in the game and what all new aspects they may add with a two-player gameplay now in it. GiML will keep you updated about everything regarding the game.Unravel Two is already out on PS4 , Xbox and PC.

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