Review of the New Marvel Spinoff: The Punisher

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Here is the least Superhero-like show of Marvel. Yet, The Punisher failed to find a spark. The grounded drama had too many episodes. Because of this, it did not appear as compelling as it could be.
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The Culture

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Surrounding the launch of “The Punisher” is a culture. It was a complicated one. This Marvel spinoff was about a character. In the realm of superheroes, there is one superpower. That is having the skill with knives, guns and yet, you choose to kill people. That may become ingrained in the brand’s identity. The premiere of the show delayed for more than a month. It followed the Las Vegas violence last October. Rooting for a fictional sniper can be difficult. This difficulty applies after a real one orchestrated a high level of awfulness.

The Premiere

It is sensible to push for the premiere date of “The Punisher.” On the part of Marvel and Netflix, there is a misstep. “The Punisher” should’ve premiered on Veterans Day. The series existed with “Jessica Jones,” “Daredevil,” and the rest of the Marvel Universe. It is far less violent than expected. That may be more investment in the lives of the characters. It applies to the experiences of the soldiers who returned from war.

Soulful Thirteen Episodes

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“The Punisher” can lead to a far more soulful 13 episodes than anticipated. Frank Castle looks for some semblance of peace. That is after the death of his family. It may also be unfortunate that you might not romp for what you hope from a Marvel series. There is one featuring a grounded character like Frank. As a result, there lacks any real dynamism.

The Return to Civilian Life

Most of the season of “The Punisher” focused on Frank’s return to civilian life. His fellow soldiers also struggled to look for their place in the world. It can be intriguing. Yet, the people may suffer from getting drawn out. That happens when the TV show is set for thirteen episodes a season. That is the typical complaint when it comes to Marvel or Netflix series. It especially feels true in “The Punisher.” The show could have been a fantastic six-episode season. But, the extra seven episodes may feel excessive.

Marvel’s The Punisher

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The show’s excessiveness is because the show rarely finds freshness. That applies to the new characters that it introduces. David (played by Ebon Moss-Bachrach) is a presumed-dead hacker who lives underground. He is the show’s second lead. His family becomes the drama’s significant part. As Frank becomes integrated, the thread will become more enjoyable. The FBI agent Dina looks for answers about Frank and his activities. She stands out as a character who is capable of carrying her show.

The Dynamic Narrative World

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These may not be enough to create the dynamic narrative world. That applies even if Karen Page’s appearances are too brief. The high points of the season are the interactions of Frank and Karen. Watching Dinah’s investigation of Frank’s activities may be intriguing. But, they are far too drawn out. There may also be the distinct lack of the real “big bad.” The genial Billy Russo drags down the momentum of the show.
It is pleasant to check out “The Punisher.” Bernthal can be a compelling lead. The supporting cast, Jaime Ray Newman, Moss-Bachrach, and Revah are good enough to view. Also, there’s a Springsteen like quality to the course of events. These may wash over any viewer.

Marvel’s The Punisher

It is admirable for the show to commit to character-focused storytelling. That may remain trapped in the political climate where it launched. The most awkward moment is the media. In the world of “The Punisher,” they call Frank Castle a terrorist. That is a word that any violent white male wants to avoid. Over the course of the season, Frank racked up a high body count. There is no sense to call him a terrorist in this fictional context. That is because it would never happen in the real world.

Our Current Society

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In our current society, it may be difficult to invest in the narrative. It may lack enough complications to allow 13 episodes. “The Punisher” has a terrible aspect. That is there is not too much to say about it. They wrote it and made it well. Yet, it never challenged any big idea or pushed any boundaries.

The Timing of the Launch

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It seems that the timing of its launch was so controversial. The most contentious element is the lack of controversy. Frank Castle did some bad things. Yet, nothing can be as terrible as what happens in America. The narrative is about the veterans looking for their place in the world. “The Punisher” has something to say about it. But, it could have been shorter. Its placement in the Marvel universe may feel tangential at best.
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