Gears of War 5: Drastic Changes & Two New Assets


It’s here, it’s finally happening and its official. At the Xbox showcasing at E3, the whole audience went crazy when they saw Gears of War logo appear on the screens. Although, the excitement wasn’t for long as what came in front of the audience was Gears of War Pop which was very lame on the Xbox’s front. Gears of War 5 trailer was shown after that which is going to be like every other Gear of War, of course, it will have some changes as per the makers say.

The game promises a new faster combat, new weapons, and big machine boss fights. Gears of War not being a third person game from the start it will mostly be story driven and will continue from where it left in Gears of War 4. It came as a surprise that you will not play as Marcus Phoenix but as Kait, first ever female lead in the whole series. When Marcus will be there in the game, but Kait ignores the chains of command and wants to take her force on a mission of personal significance.

Will the game be able to use the platform to its full potential?

The game will totally hinge upon Xbox, it may or may not use Xbox One X or Xbox One S to its full potential but we can just hope for it to happen. The game is set to release in 2019. That covers up almost everything the game had to promise at the E3. Hope the game doesn’t let us down like the showcase did Time.

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