GiML Top 5 Trailers of Comic-con 2018

Comin-Con 2018 was packed with amazing trailers and announcements coupled with the fact that Marvel had now showing at Hall H this year, I think it was a great year for fans none the less as DC took the centre stage (Warner Bros. for the most part) with some spectacular trailers like Shazam and Titans. These only get an honorable mention because we wanted to cover a lot of range in our top list of best 5 trailers from Comic-con 2018. So without further adieu here are our top 5 picks.

Dragon Ball Super : Broly || Comic Con 2018 || Trailer Launch

This Comic Con showcased some amazing movies and installments, Dragon Ball being one. This movie will follow the path where Dragon Ball Super series ended in the tournament of power. Akira Toriyama has brought a lot of changes to the characters this time, Broly being the one going through the most of the changes as previously in the series he was defeated but this time he returns but the character design being changed it personally seemed a bit odd to me. This movie promises to take a deeper look into the origin of Saiyans and Frieza. Official news has been passed by Toriyama himself about the the movie and how this new approach to Broly came to place and the actual meaning of the whole Saiyan race.

Everyone, are you familiar with Broly?
He’s an incredibly strong Saiyan who only appeared in the old anime movies, and I apparently at least drew the designs for him, but I had practically no involvement with the anime at the time, so I had totally forgotten about the story content.
So, about Broly. I hear these days, he’s still very popular not only in Japan, but also overseas. Based on that, my editor suggested we have Broly appear in this next movie.
I went ahead and watched the movies from back then, and I felt this could be quite interesting once I rearrange some things. I got right to work trying my hand at a story that incorporates him into the Dragon Ball Super series.
While keeping in mind Broly’s classic image so as not to disappoint his fans, I updated him and added a new side to his character, and I think this has resulted in a more fascinating Broly.
Naturally you’ll get to see fierce combat, but also, the paths of destiny that lead to an encounter between Goku, Vegeta, and Broly. It also involves the Frieza Force and the history of the Saiyans, which end up having a major connection to everything. The story content turns out to be very large-scale and dramatic.
Here comes that almighty Saiyan, Broly! I’m also including lots of other content all you fans will enjoy, so look forward to it, and be patient a while longer for it all to come together!! ‘’

  • Aquaman || Comic Con 2018 || Trailer Launch

A lot of buzz was in the air about DC stealing the show this year as Marvel wasn’t showcasing much of the interesting installments in the list. Warner Bros. Didn’t fail in doing so as this time they one of them best relic in the list to display which was Aquaman, the trailer was disclosed right away in early event and no surprise the hype was worth it as the trailer caught fire and became number one trending video on YouTube too. I would even say that if this movie goes hit then DC and WB has good 3 title launches in this year including Shazam, which surely will come handy for the producers as the next year can be established as the make or break year in the pre justice league era. This will be a standalone story mainly focusing on the Jason Momoa’s Aquaman, as this is a protagonist based movie it will be all based on the actor how he displays the character in the introduction itself.

  • Fear the Walking Dead || Comic Con 2018 || Trailer Launch

Finally the favorite TV series came with the second part of season 4 in the Comic Con 2018. Though there was a follow up to that small trailer which was released after the Comic Con, the trailers had major differences as one was mostly based on the story and the other was a semi-comical trailer. AMC has got this rebuttal after lots of questions were being raised on the company for the the same installment as the previous part wasn’t the best ones that created a biz in the industry. Also I think that we will see a crossover between The Walking Dead and this series as the star cast of both the movies have identical faces. But this news isn’t yet confirmed but both of the series being in the same time period it is possible that it may happen.

  • Godzilla : King of Monsters || Comic Con 2018 || Trailer Launch

Warner Bros did it once again as the original 2014 Godzilla is coming back to life once again. WB entitled this installment at it’s Hall H panel, the reaction of the people after watching the trailer was expected as the trailer looked unbelievable. The same was my reaction when I saw the trailer as it was one of my favorite movies of all time and now, it’s coming again, bigger and better. Warner Bros along with the other big announcements came up with the bomb of it’s own. The trailer kicks off with Bobby Brown flying over a disaster as a scientist, explains that we’re experiencing a new danger which was termed as ‘ the fever ‘ which is sent to cleanse the earth from the infection known as humans. Looks like the fever is nothing but the monsters coming back to life after staying hidden for so long and with them will come the king of monsters, Godzilla. It will be quite intrusive to see what the next look of the movie will look like as the platform was well set with this trailer.

  • Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald || Comic Con 2018 || Trailer Launch

We’ve been huge fans of the Harry Potter franchise and returning back to its world after almost a decade felt heart warming with Fantastic beasts and where to find them, but it was just that, the movie wasn’t great but it brought back memories and had the burden of setting up the stage for a new tale in the saga, which is did. The crimes of Grindelwald capitalises on this masterfully (at least that’s what the second trailer suggests). It starts off with the same opening shot of Hogwarts which never gets old and cuts to a scene which is exactly like Lupins defence against the dark arts class but this time with a young Dumbledore and Newt and the best callback was when Newt says the exact line Harry said after the class “I’m scared professor” ahh, chills. Credence played by Ezra Miller also makes a comeback who is used by Grindelwald for his mission showcased in the trailer where he says “The old ways serve us no longer” delivered beautifully by Johnny Depp. We also see new characters make an appriance in the trailer. But the best part about the trailer comes when Dumbledore says he can’t take down Grindelwald himself and we finally see what Dumbledore saw in the Mirror Of Erised, a question that was asked by Harry in the very first book. He’s desperate desire is Grindelwald, the love of his life. This is why Dumbledore wants Newt to go after Grindelwald. Jude Law plays the character of Dumbledore perfectly with the right amount of sarcasm and confidence. A lot of fantastic beasts also make an appearance in the trailer some new and some old favourites like the Niffler also make a return. How can the trailer be completed without the deathly hallows not only does the logo flash during the end of the trailer but Elder wand also makes an appearance confirming that Grindelwald has it. Sure the trailer has its fare share of Easter eggs but the biggest one comes when we finally get to see Nicolas Flamel the Alchemist who created the philosopher’s stone and ends with a taste of classic Jacob’s comedy.

Overall this movie has us excited and make it our top pick of comic con trailers so far. The movie comes out in November and we cannot wait.

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