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The new God of War is set upon the Scandinavian pantheon amongst the Norse Gods. Kratos no more have his blades of chaos instead has an axe called the ‘ Leviathan Axe’.  He lives in the woods with his son Atreus and his wife Laufey who had died recently. Kratos and Atreus give fire to Laufey who Kratos used to call as Faye. She had a last wish of spreading her ashes on the tallest peak in all the nine realms. Kratos faces a dreadful enemy Baldur who was a god also the brother of Thor. And he somehow manages to get rid of him.  Kratos and Atreus started their journey to the highest peak in Midgard. But it was a misconception as Kratos’ knowledge the highest peak was in Midgard. He later learns from Mimir, the smartest man that the highest peak is in Jotunheimen, the realm of the Giants.

Soon. Atreus falls ill. Now, Kratos is quested by the witch, the goddess of Vanir to get the heart of gatekeeper of Helheim. As the Leviathan axe won’t be of any power in that realm Kratos got reunited with his blades of chaos and met Athena on the way who tried to make him grieve for the past. solving riddles and puzzles Kratos finally finds a way of unlocking the doorway of Jotunheimen which is destroyed because of a fight between Baldur and Kratos.

Mimir and Kratos somehow managed to find another way into Jotunheimen and killed Baldur who was disclosed to be the son of Freya who was helping Kratos and Atreus all along. Freya in anger said that she will return for her vengeance for the misery Kratos has caused. Kratos told Atreus about his true nature is a god and all the mistakes he has done being it killing lots of innocent people to killing his own father Zeus. Now Kratos manages to go in the Jotunheimen realm and there they find out Atreus being half god and half-giant as fray was actually a giant.

They spread the ashes across the realm and it is known to be that Atreus was called ‘Loki’ by the Giants. Kratos descends from the mountain and goes back home where Atreus got a premonition of Thor visiting them at the end of Fimbulwinter which had begun in Midgard.

God of War
God of War


At first, seeing all the changes being made in God of War  I was pretty paranoid of what are the makers actually going for when they said that they no more kept the Blades of Chaos in the game also the camera angle and almost everything from the essence, the soundtrack to the gameplay changed a lot.  I thought it wasn’t a great idea of snatching the true virtue of the game. But as it released the game caught fire and was suddenly the highest selling game of 2018 and now when I played the game I was amazed. The graphics were mind-blowing even the soundtrack gave me goosebumps and the game tied me around it and I just didn’t want to leave play.

The action in the game is reduced a little because of the storyline. The creators were trying to make Kratos wanting Atreus to be better than him. I think he has that fatherly instinct which has changed Kratos completely. It was true, Kratos did actually change. I was surprised when I got the blades back. It was such a delightful feeling playing with blades and performing all the old style moves with Kratos.

Best Aspects:

For me, this game is best in all the aspects whether it may be sound or graphics. The game won’t let u get up from the seat. It will not let u stop until you finish and being an open world game won’t finish soon. Kratos is seen evolving as a father and as a character throughout and it was really a good feeling seeing Kratos self-realizing the mistakes he has made and is now trying that his son is actually a good person hence named him Atreus who was a Spartan warrior who used to smile at the toughest times.

I would spend my money on such a game because it won’t ever let you down in any single aspect. I would even say it is one of the best games I have ever played in my entire life. Whatsoever may be your choice of the genre you will fall in love with God Of War.



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