GTA V | Why it is the one of the best game even after 4 years of release ???

Grand Theft Auto V(GTAV) is the latest title in one of the most successful video games of all time. The game drew hugely positive reviews for its vast, beautiful open-world environment, its engaging narrative, anarchic humour. It has many sub-quests, side-missions and secrets which added life and longevity to the world. There were plenty of concerns about the game’s depiction of women, race and violence. But for many gamers, the thrill of exploring this huge landscape of degeneration and destruction outweighed any problematic undertones.

According to the company’s CEO, Strauss Zelnick, GTAV has now sold more than 80m copies. It is the sixth best-selling game of 2016 and is currently No 2 in the UK games chart.


There are many parameters that govern the success of any games. Games should have their own style besides belonging to a genre.People are still playing it even in 2017. Let’s review some of the reasons why GTA V is one of the best games ever.


Previous GTA games have had a habit of adding features that sound really cool on paper but in practice mean almost nothing when you get into the game. This is certainly not the first GTA game where you’ve been able to buy property. But GTAV is definitely the first where it’s actually mattered. You can buy all sorts, like cab companies, cinema halls, restaurants, airports, bars etc. This doesn’t only generate you money every in-game week but it also provides you with even more extra missions to complete. As your employees ask for help doing everything.


GTAV_landscape gaming_is_my_life
GTAV_landscape gaming_is_my_life

GTAV is Rockstar’s biggest game ever and not only that but all of it is open for you to explore right from the start. There are no bridge closures or tornado warnings blocking your way, even if the story elements do try and slowly unveil different areas at a more civilised speed. And yet all that would be meaningless if there was nothing to do in such a huge game world, but almost every mountain top, beach cove, and crevice have a secret to hide.


GTAV’s massive soundtrack is already famous. It has millions of classic tunes across every music genre known to man. There’s something there for everyone but the best bit is still the talk radio stations and the adverts. Never mind the actual story, this is where all the game’s best writing and funniest lines are.


GTA online gaming_is_my_life
GTA online gaming_is_my_life

Rockstar launched GTA Online, shortly after the original release of GTA V. It is a shared multiplayer mode, in which players competed against each for cash and kudos. After some technical problems, Rockstar succeeded in creating a highly interconnected take on classic online shooter and MMORPG play forms. There are missions, there are raids, there are crews and customisation options. Players could drop in for a few minutes of chaos, or join much more organised gangs for whole weekends of team-based action. Visit their Official website for upcoming events in GTA online.


Having three different playable characters seemed a little weird at first, given there’s no co-op option in the story campaign and the idea of character switching sounded a little unwieldy. But it actually works really well in practice as you pop in to see what everyone’s doing. But the best thing about it is in missions where switching characters allows you to customise the game to cut out all the bits you don’t like. Don’t enjoy sniping? Just be the guy driving the car instead. Not very good at shooting? Switch to Trevor flying a helicopter instead…


Different endings in GTAV gaming_is_my_life
Different endings in GTA V gaming_is_my_life

Choosing your crew have a big effect on how much money you earn, and how smoothly the job goes. The big decision of which plan to use means that there are basically two separate missions in one. Even choosing where to hide the getaway car has a big impact on your success. The game offers you 3 different endings to choose from. You can know more about them in this link.

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