Finally, the legendary Russo brothers gave us the first Infinity War trailer on 29th November 2017. It’s totally mind-blowing, truly amazing! It is similar to the one shown in the D23 Expo but with a lot of new clips and bits of the movie.

So let’s begin our breakdown real quick!


The scene opens up with a devastated planet, we don’t know which one though, speculation is that it is Xander, and with Tony looking a bit concerned and sad and broken, and Bruce Banner in his human form, crashed into one of the Sanctums and Wong and Dr. Strange looking at him, well this scene is probably after when Thanos destroyed the Asgardian ship. In another clip Wanda and Vision, in his human form, maybe because he’s using a hologram to change his appearance, you can still see the Mind Stone in his forehead, together in a house together. We see Thor on the ship, maybe with the GOTG looking at the explosion of something, it’s just too bright in the background.

We see Bruce and Natasha aka the Black Widow in Wakanda with a new Hulk buster arm. And then the phenomenal Avengers theme song comes in, bringing in the goosebumps for any Marvel fan. We have a glimpse of New York, where IRON MAN, BRUCE BANNER, DR STRANGE and WONG and our friendly neighborhood SPIDER-MAN! Peter has spider sense and a portal kinda thing hovers in the air, creating horror among the civilians and then Loki offering the Cosmic Cube aka The Space Stone to Thanos, probably, because of some sort surrender or something, Loki looks beaten up and finally THANOS shows up teleport from somewhere.

We get a look on the slick IRON SPIDER suit, thanks to Tony, and Thor holding up a ring like a thing with his big hands! Just after we can see a second of Proxima Midnight throwing her weapon towards Steve Rogers aka Nomad, catching it and coming out of the shadows and we see Wanda fighting someone and HULK BUSTER 2.0 which looks amazing! And then we see the Avengers fight the army of Outriders, who are like the army of Thanos, who look out for new planets. Spiderman is smashed on the ground by Thanos like a bug, Vision getting his Mind stone removed by Corvus Glaive, Thanos having conquered both The Space stone and The Orb, Iron man vs Thanos, in which Iron Man is no show in front of Thanos.

We see The Winter Soldier(with his new arm, probably Vibranium), Black Panther and his Wakandan army, Falcon shooting and finally the best scene shows up where Steve(with some new arm gear given by Black Panther) is leading Winter Soldier, Hulk, Black Panther(with his new suit), Black Widow, Man ape, Falcon, War Machine running towards the fight. And in the end, we see Thor meeting up with the Guardians of the Galaxy!

Infinity War will feature 67 characters on screen fighting the Mad Titan, Thanos. The movie will premier on 25 April 2018, and is set to hit the theaters worldwide on 4th May 2018!

Pictures from the Infinity War trailer –



Have a look at the Infinity War trailer

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