If you ever wondered why video game industry is failing to deliver fresh new IPs stop wondering because the reason is YOU!

I think the title of this story was enough shocking for everyone to get your heads scratching. So, let us get right into it. Recently when we were looking around the internet to get some gaming news for you guys and we found that there are articles after articles along with forum discussions going rampant over one topic lack of innovation in gaming. Topics like Gamers want innovation or statements given by industry experts blaming the lack of innovation the reason of decline sales in games and consoles are all over the web.

Companies like Nintendo are best-known for innovation. A good example being the latest Wii U which did not do so well. It was a rushed and expensive piece of technology, yes, but, it was innovative and Nintendo is supporting it with all its strength. Yet fans demand more. That is where this idea struck us. What if we have been lying to ourselves? What if we, the gamers, are the root cause for lack of innovation and crave for the same thing over and over again? This only means one thing: We are killing Video games!

We have evidence to support the statement above so bear with us here. Let us take the infamous Call Of Duty franchise as an example. Where initially it revamped the FPS style for gaming other games have also found a need to adapt FPS action elements in their own franchises. Games like Resident Evil just abandoned survival horror system to make it an action game. The Same fate was followed by Dead Space which also resulted in the release of several squeals for existing titles to cash-in all the while where gamers started demanding something fresh, something different or more precisely something innovative.  We are unaware of what we need and this lack of self-awareness is killing video games.

In simple terms, Gamers don’t want innovation.

When squeals for an existing franchise like Call of Duty is released, gamers are first in line to criticize how slimmer it is to the previous game and so it’s obvious that if the players despise the games the sales should go down, right? Let’s look at the sales chart for Call of Duty games over the years.

Okay, let’s say Call of Duty actually did good for the sake of argument here and look at the sales of its rival FPS, Battlefield franchise.

Even Battlefield shows the same increase in sales. If you don’t consider FPS titles, how about Ubisoft’s Assassins Creed? The first one sold 8 million copies, second sold 9 million and Assassins Creed III sold 12 million copies! So what are we missing here?

Being a gamer & a writer every time I play a so-called new game I question myself haven’t I done that before? This is strange but very true.

If we look at other side, companies like Nintendo are questioned when they come up with new innovations. A system like Wii U which has sold relatively less than any other system just shows how we treat someone who is innovating a new way to play. Motion controllers were suddenly the hot nA systematology after it was introduced with the Wii. What went wrong here? Speaking about Nintendo, let’s talk about probably the most celebrated character in Video game history, Mario.

Innovative games usually don’t sell

Mario along with NES single-handedly brought video game industry back from the dead. Let us see what Mario sales charts reveal. We shall leave out Wii U and 3DS games because their sales are still coming in. Arranging what’s left in highest to lowest order we found something rather very interesting or should I say, shocking.

What we found was the Mario games reminiscent of the very first Super Mario Bros. like New Super Mario Bros, New Super Mario Bros. Wii, Super Mario Bros. 3 all have one thing in common, they are all 2D platformers. These games have outsold games like Super Mario 64, Super Mario Galaxy and Super Mario Galaxy 2 by almost 20 million copies. The Galaxy Games and Mario 64 were considered groundbreaking and innovative yet the original 2D platformer kept selling.

This just sheds more light on how we are hopelessly looking to play the same Mario in 2D over and over again. The fact that this is so very true blows our minds just because even we stand guilty of this. We crave for a plumber jumping in 2D where Nintendo just broke the boundaries and successfully brought him into a 3D world. Hence providing more evidence innovative games usually don’t sell.

When some companies change up their formula and try new things with video games, we gamers whine and complain about it, ask the game to be the same as it was before, we ignore the new adventure & experience and stay focused on the same old school thing making it a habit & forcing both games & companies to stay on the same path and don’t try to do something unique & awesome.

The most recent innovative game that comes to my mind is BioShock series. It presented a very unique and never before seen the setup of an underwater dystopia called Rapture and topped it with BioShock: Infinite by presenting a city in the skies. Both the games sold 4 million copies each. While we are at it, let’s not forget Halflife 2 which sold 12 million copies since its release. These are pretty big numbers but again compare this with a game like Mario Party 8 (yes that’s right, 8th part in the series) sold 8 million copies! That put every innovative game in perspective.

We blame Resident Evil for releasing sequels that content more action than survival elements. Resident Evil 6 was hated by almost every fan of the franchise and yet ends up selling more than Resident Evil 4. A game that follows the same formula keeps selling more while games that reinvent themselves fall behind. Why would developers spend more time, money and energy on a new idea when they can earn so much more by release the same game but with a different paint job? We live in a world where Flappy Bird is more famous than No more Heroes. Now that is just sad.

The Data is overwhelming and all figures point at us, the gamers, who are the root cause of the death of innovative Video games. Whether we realize it or not, directly or indirectly we are killing the industry as we know it. In the end, I would just like say one thing: Try something new and fresh instead of fighting over which console is better. A new game might just surprise you. 2015 is here so let’s make it a resolution to try at least one new game for every sequel we purchase and inspire talented developers to try new ideas, reinvent gaming and show them that we are willing to try new stuff.

What do you think of this discussion? We would love it hear what you guys have to say about this? Do you agree or disagree? Tell us everything in the comments below.

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