Marvel’s INHUMANS | Trailer Review and Show Synopsis


Ever since the announcement of the royal family’s appearance in 2014, it has been one of the most hyped films in the MCU, however, later  it was removed from the films’ slot and was turned into a TV series.

Premiering on IMAX screens, Marvel’s INHUMANS is expected to be one of the biggest shows this year.

When a trailer released a few months ago the show saw a pretty negative response from the audience as well as critics primarily concerning the costume and CGI.

Black Bolt’s ( Anson Mount ) maskless costume and Medusa’s costume, as well as hair, was shown a lot of criticism.

According to me, the reason Black Bolt will not be wearing the iconic mask is that since The King of royal family can’t speak so he has to work with his expressions.

As for Medusa, we can expect things to be better in the post – production CGI.

Now with another trailer released at the SDCC 2017, a lot of heads were turned with the gripping looks.

We saw what will become one of the most loved character on TV – LOCKJAW

Yes, the ugly-ass cute bulldog/transporter of the Inhumans saw a lot of excitement from the audience.

In the trailer, we saw how Maximus the Mad, brother of Black Bolt tries to take over the city of Attilan and how Black Bolt and his loyal allies come to Earth to find refugee.

Coming to the rather noticeable points of Inhumans.

We have seen how the new trailer describes the powers of most of the characters. However, the powers seen were quite different from what the Inhumans had in the comics.

  1. Black Bolt’s powers have been clearly nerfed as we could see that in the comics his strength exceeded that of any human and easily take a hit or two in the trailer though we see how he gets hurt by the police batons.

Not just that he even produces a sound, grunting basically but slightest of his sound could shatter a building.

But what happened is a car flew down the street. They should have done something about that.

  1. Medusa’s hair one of the biggest topics of discussion among fans. In the comics, Medusa’s hair was constantly in motion or reacting to her emotions.

In the show, however, they only moved when she wanted them to otherwise they remained straight just like some other persons’.

The setting is on both Earth and moon, even though most of the parts will be based on Earth some would be the moon.

Other important characters on the show are:-

Crystal ( control over elements )

Gorgon ( leader of Attilan’s military )

Karnak ( Black Bolt’s cousin/adviser )

Auran ( Head of Royal Guards )

Triton ( Black Bolt’s cousin )


The show is to debut on IMAX screens on September 1 with the first two episodes.

The series premieres on ABC on September 29 and runs for 8 episodes.

I personally look forward to watching it tell us what you think about the show in the comments below.

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