Ready Player One : No More in The Reality

Directed by Steven Spielberg, which already gave people a worthy reason to watch the movie. The story is situated in the year 2045, the world is collapsing and crippling in front of everyone. But there is one thing that gave people a hope for liberation which was the OASIS, it was an expanded world version of virtual reality which was created by James Halliday. After the death of Halliday, he left his fortune for the person who finds the hidden Easter Egg in the OASIS, This gave rise to a worldwide contest. Until the protagonist of the story, Wade Wyatt enters the plot and decides that he will join the contest. Everyone is hurdled throughout in the world full of illusion, Discovery and danger.

Was the movie worth the praise and hype?

The movie was all in all a masterpiece by the wizard Steven Spielberg himself whose work spoke louder than anything else. From the screenplay to the script everything was in sync, either way, the actors did their jobs brilliantly especially Tye Sheridan who was actually the highlight of the whole movie. It didn’t only revolve around a single actor or criteria the revolution was clear to cover all the aspects at all the possible times. Regardless of the fact that people watched this movie twice because they couldn’t actually understand what was happening in the movie at the very first time, which is very much what Spielberg is famous for. Audience sort to think that it’s not up to the mark as they expected it to be but as we all know the movie did brilliantly on the box office and people know that this piece of artwork was one in a million.

Science fiction is a game of gambling

As we all know a science fiction has to be related and coordinated according to the drastically evolving world, which some might say is not what science fiction means. The fictional world personified in the movie had association with the today world we live in, The way humans are progressing we are on a verge of conflicts and cults and to ignore such factors instead of wearing a eye tag we would rather have a Virtual Reality headset enabled to rather ignore what is happening in the world full of violence and slaughter. It is difficult to relate everything to Science sometimes it becomes rather a trial and error which may or may not fail but in this case, it worked completely fine. The movie paid it’s debt and showed the real capacity of a movie, to what an extent a person may be influenced by it. 



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