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Insurgency | One of the Best Realistic Shooters ever

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January 22, 2014


New World Interactive


New World Interactive

Insurgency is a multiplayer tactical first-person shooter video game developed and published by New World Interactive. It is a standalone sequel to Insurgency: Modern Infantry Combat, a community made mod for Valve's Source engine. The game was released for Microsoft Windows, OS X, and Linux on January 22, 2014.

Before we talk about how good the game is, let us talk about the gameplay in brief. Insurgency provides plenty of cooperative as well as multi-player game modes to choose from.

Cooperative modes include Checkpoint, Hunt, Survival, Outpost, and Conquer. Although most game modes involve destroying the enemy’s weapon’s cache, each mode has its own specific set of objectives to complete. Some involve capturing enemy objectives while some require the players to defend their own weapon’s cache. Hunt requires the players to eliminate all enemies as well as destroy their weapon’s cache.

Multi-player modes include Push, Firefight, Skirmish, Occupy, Ambush, Strike, and Elimination. Just like most of the cooperative modes, multi-player modes too involve destroying or capturing the enemy’s cache and defending one’s own objective. Ambush, however, involves escorting a VIP to one of the exit points while the opposing team must find and hunt down the VIP.

Just like I mentioned in the beginning, Insurgency allows the players to choose from several game modes; some being cooperative and some being multi-player. At the beginning of each match, players need to choose one of the several infantry classes available to them. After selecting that, players need to choose their weapons and equipments. What kind of weapons and equipments the players have at their disposal depends on the infantry class they chose. For example, choosing the Support class in Security Forces will grant the players the option to choose from LMGs while choosing the Rifleman class in Insurgents will let the players choose from Assault rifles. Weapon attachments also vary with infantry classes.

Players have limited number of supply points to spend on weapons, attachments, grenades, and armor. Players need to spend their supply points very wisely as those are limited. Completing objectives usually, grant players with additional supply points and revives any dead player.

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Now that we have discussed more than briefly about Insurgency’s gameplay aspects, let us talk about why I consider it to be one the best realistic shooters till date. Whenever we think about a realistic shooter, the first game that usually comes to our mind is the Arma franchise. While good in its own way, it is a lot more complicated than Insurgency when it comes to weapon management and map exploration due to its open-world design. Insurgency provides supply points to players to spend on weapons which is quite a simple process but still forces the players to make wise decisions as spending points on unnecessary equipment will put them at a disadvantage. The map in this game is designed almost perfectly with plenty of buildings for close-quarters combat, open roads for medium range firefights, and several sniping points for long-range camping.

Insurgency’s hardcore gameplay is one of its most defining characteristics. It is the foremost reason why people are still playing this game 4 years after its release. The game lacks any virtual crosshair, health bar, ammunition counter, or a minimap. The only thing available in the HUD is the location of the objective, number of magazines left (not the number of bullets), and an optional radar for the directional guide.

Since players cannot see the number of bullets left in their magazine, they need to count each shot they fire as running out of ammo in the midst of a firefight can result in their death. Reloading frequently can also be a disadvantage since the player character will simply put the current magazine in their pocket as it is and load a new magazine into the gun. (unlike other first-person shooters where your magazine will gain full ammo from your total ammo inventory). The character, however, will always load the magazine that has the highest ammo count.

No matter which gun it is, players will instantly die if shot in the head. The number of body shots depends on the type of armor the player is wearing. Usually it is around 2 to 3 gunshots at long range.

Teamwork is really required if one wants to win a match since one player will usually be gunned down if they are targeted by more than one enemy. Friendly fire is always turned ON in this game so watching your fire is a must since you will be auto-kicked from a server if you kill to many friendlies. Watching each other’s back can come in handy since enemies will try to flank you. The game does not have a grenade indicator like most shooters so players must watch for them unless they want to blow up in pieces.

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Weapon handling and recoil are almost the same as their real life counterparts. Different weapons have different range, recoil and accuracy. LMGs, for example, have a good spread and suppressing power with the drawback being huge recoil and low accuracy due to its spread. Players will move slower with larger and heavier weapons like LMGs. On the other hand, weapons such as Assault Rifles are easier to run around with due to its weight and have good accuracy over medium range but doesn’t have the spread and suppressing power of an LMG. Since the game doesn’t have virtual crosshairs, aiming down the range is highly recommended in order to achieve accuracy. Crouching and proning will increase the player’s accuracy and reduce recoil as well as movement speed.

Insurgency, has almost everything that can be expected from a realistic first-person shooter. With realistic weapon recoil, minimal HUD, 1-2 shot kill, the game certainly adds a huge sense of realism, something that lacks in most games. Insurgency players always need to keep their eyes and ears open as they can be shot down anytime, by a rifleman flanking from side to a sniper camping from a window.

If you’re looking for some real challenge, I would highly recommend you try out this game as it is available on Steam all the time with almost 93% discount during sales. Happy Gaming!

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  • Realistic shooting mehanics
  • Balanced map design
  • Contains varieties of game modes


  • Weapons and Armor requires more supply points when playing as Insurgents