Lost Soul Aside, a beautiful game developed by just ONE guy!

Available Platforms
Release Date

July 2017


Yang Bing


Whatever Yang Bing decides to do with the game, we wish him all the best and we definitely recommend you keep an eye on the game because there will be updates coming and we will be here to cover it all.

Yes, you’ve read that correctly. The game that we are talking about today is not from a big budget studio but rather a solo endeavor to develop a masterpiece.

Meet Yang Bing, a Korean indie developer who was inspired to develop his own game after watching a trailer of Final Fantasy XV 2 years ago. Seeing as to what one guy can create using Unreal Engine 4 is pretty impressive. The inspiration from Final Fantasy is clearly visible by the game play trailer below but Yang Bing has bigger plans for the game. On twitter he states “I have to say that I’ll change the design in the future, make it look more unique, FFXV thought me how to walk and I have to walk my own way”.

Before we proceed with the story, feast your eyes to the beautiful game play trailer made by Yang Bing.

We would definitely wanna know your thoughts on the trailer in the comments below.

So, what is the current status of the game? Well, Yang Bing says it’s still in prototype stage and also mentioning that he won’t ask for money via crowdfunding until he’ll be sure that he’ll be able to finish the game. He was also approached by Sony but Bing’s not willing to take any offer until he is completely sure what he wants to do with the project.

Bing has recently released an artwork with the redesign of the character to make it look more unique.



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  • Good Gameplay
  • Best in class Graphics
  • Ample content of Side Missions


  • Bad Story line
  • Glitchs and Jitters