Shadow of the Tomb Raider | Extended Gameplay Trailer Launch | E3 2018|

The new trailer displayed at E3 took us deep into the apocalyptic history of Lara Croft. We saw Lara digging deep into the Mayan temple in the trailer, she also made a treacherous escape down the river lane. The ritual performed in the trailer called the ‘cleansing’ which was triggered when Lara pulls out a dagger from it’s resting place.

What actually is new in the game?

It’s the third game of the rebooted trilogy of Tomb Raider, It will be the last game on Lara’s storyline. The game is action-packed with puzzles, combatting, mystery and adventure. The parkour is admired by uncharted to an extent but still, we can say it has its own taste to it. From the first game in 2013 till this very game the developers have been changing but the game didn’t ever fail to amaze the players. The game is set to release on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on 14 September 2018. Stay tuned to GIML for further updates on E3 and all the latest news of the gaming world.

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