Square Enix Announced the Much Awaited ‘Just Cause 4’



The much-awaited game after the success of Just Cause 3 was finally announced. It is official and it is happening, Just Cause 4 is coming out on 4th December 2018. It is set to release on PC, PS4 and Xbox One, possibly it will test the limits of the platforms as stated by the creators at the launch event. We will again be playing as the all-time protagonist Rico Rodriguez, who will go against “The Black Hand” the most powerful army of all time in the fictional South American state of Solace.

The wingsuit action comes to life once again.

The game has no such changes, it has the same essence to it. From heavy trans-loading throughout to wingsuit and parachute action in the game. Rico is a funny bone like always but with that, the shooting adds to his zest. The all-time favourite character is set to come forth this December. Open world game like just cause will always intrigue us what so ever and GiML promises to give the honest reviews like always about the game when the game hits the market.

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