TCGR Wildlands is getting Predator in the New Update

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands is a tactical shooter game which was published by Ubisoft and developed by Ubisoft Paris. The game is available for PC, Xbox One and Playstation 4. It features cooperative multiplayer mode. Players can be joined by up to three other players to explore the game’s world and to complete campaign missions. The game can also be played solo, in which the player will be accompanied by three AI teammates, which the player can give orders to.


The game takes place in Bolivia in July 2019. The country has become increasingly unstable as the Santa Blanca, a previously minor Mexican drug cartel, gains more power and influence within the country and has become the world’s largest producer of cocaine. The rise in power of this drug cartel concerns the United States Government, as Santa Blanca’s influence has begun to spread beyond Bolivia. The Ghosts individually make their own way into Bolivia. They are rendezvous and are brought to the mission area in Bolivia by helicopter. When they land in the province of Itacua they are met with Pac Katari, leader of the Kataris 26, the only resistance against Santa Blanca. Pac Katari gives them their first mission – to recover Amaru, an older man whose ideologies inspired him to find the Kataris 26, now captured by the Santa Blanca. After this mission, the Ghosts are more or less free to tackle the cartel in any way and order they see fit.

The story ends depending on whether the Ghosts fully dismantled the cartel. If remnants of the cartel remain, Bowman will execute El Sueño, leading to her dismissal from the CIA and be arrested for murdering El Sueño, although she has no regrets of doing so, placing the lives of the Bolivians and her best friend Ricky above the lucrative cocaine trade.


TCGR Wildlands is getting a update which is out now. This new update brings changes to the ghost war mode.Thermal vision has been tweaked for the pvp mode, and players should be able to level up to 50 easily. Yeah also they have included a predator update in which you can hunt down predator now.


It’s been 30 years since Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Dutch headed into the jungles of Central America, only to find himself hunted by a stealth alien warrior nicknamed the Predator. Now players of Ghost Recon Wildlands will fall under the watchful eye of the Predator in an all-new special event.

The new Predator content will appear as an event for solo or co-op players (up to four) in the game, and defeating it will be difficult. You can also buy a Predator Pack via the in-game store, which contains 15 new customized items, including movie-inspired weapons and a close combat move. Plus, Ghost War PVP mode is getting a new soldier inspired by Dutch himself, who will engage in a “battle rage” berserker mode as well.

If the players manage to take down the predator they will be rewarded with special items, including the predator mask which has the predator vision. The predator pack is introducing 15 new customization items inspired by the original movie, including weapons and a close combat move. The game’s PvP mode Ghost War also welcomes a new soldier class inspired by Predator’s Dutch, who can engage a battle rage mode to tip the scales in his favour.

The extraterrestrial  hunter doesn’t feature overtly in the following trailer, but with its dense jungle setting, human carcasses stripped and hanging from trees, the same font as the earlier films, and that spine-chilling noise the bastard makes before pouncing—it seems pretty clear who the star of the show is.



  • – In “El Cardinal”, fixed a bug where the player couldn’t redeploy freely after failing the mission


  • – bug where a “NEW” tag would appear on the loadout even though there is no new unlocked item
  • –  bug where the “Missile incoming” warning would be displayed too late
  • –  some situations where the prestige points earned wouldn’t appear on screen


  • – bug where a player will not be kicked from the lobby if the command is initiated from several players
  • – Added relay servers for improved connectivity between players


  • – Fixed a bug where a player shooting from the trunk of a car could lose control over the character
  • – Polished the new helicopter’s landing animation


  • – Fixed a bug where Norton antivirus users would have troubles launching the game


  • – In “El Invisible”, fixed a bug where the “mission failed” screen would not appear, making the mission unavailable.


  • – mouse input precision for the new helicopter control scheme. We implemented mouse acceleration which decays as helicopter picks up speed, and a deceleration when player is driving, as the previous implementation was losing angular velocity too fast
  • – the issue causing vehicle doors to always shown as being closed when using NVidia Ansel

Check out the new update Video here:


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