Teen-Wolf had its Finale | What Next?

MTV’s one of the top-rated TV show Teen-Wolf finally wrapped the show’s final season with highest ever ratings for the show gaining the most social program last week as per Nielsen Social Content Ratings. Though with so much success and praise in the bag, the final did leave the fans fairly depressed. The series finale which was its 100th episode saw no major deaths and had many returning favorites including Dylan O’Brien (Stiles), Tyler Hoechlin (Derek Hale), Colton Hanes (Jackson Whittemore) and Charlie Carver (Ethan).
The episode itself got a very good critics review but being the last it left friends hunting for something else to feed on to. The six season of this thriller show finally got an end.

Is Teen-Wolf really over?

“The only idea I had in my mind is if you set it in a completely new place. It’s so hard for me to see a “Teen Wolf” revival without Tyler Posey. The idea I could see happening is Tyler as the Professor X character, and he brings in a whole new crew of werewolves and teenagers and they’re his new pack under his tutelage. I could see that, sort of like how the Dark Knight Returns comic book ends where old Bruce Wayne has a whole new team of proteges to train. I could see that that would be fun. And I know Posey would probably be up for it.”
These are the words of show’s creator Davis. He left this hint of a major comic return with all new faces along the familiar Scott as the leader. Though there are rumors about the continuity of this series itself as a podcast. With the high ratings at stake, MTV maybe is not be done with the show right now. A spin-off series is also being discussed. As per our investigation, further announcements will be released around the July of 2018.

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