The Incredibles 2 | The Supers are back with a superb movie! |Full Review

RATING: 8.8/10

We finally got the much-awaited instalment in the Incredibles series and it came with a lot of surprises after 14 LONG years. And this time it’s more family team than ever with even the Jack-jack, the baby in action for the first time.

Now, if you haven’t already, check out the trailer for the movie:


The Incredibles, like it is supposed to, focused on each of the five character perfectly, giving Elastic girl time to finally able to stretch between her family and superhero days, Bob finally getting a chance to understand what it takes to stay at home taking care of family and how it is a superhero work on its own followed by the kids. Violet deals with the problems of every non-super teenager including everything from an embarrassing family to keeping dates non-super.

You’ll also see Dash struggling with his school work, which finally is being addressed making the movie at so many levels with various elements, more relatable. The main storyline, even though wasn’t that long with so much else to cover but surely was interesting enough to keep you engaged. I won’t be giving up much of it, but I’ll clear this out that you’ll have to wait for a while to see the desired family pack of team action.

Not to forget, the movies’ comedy level is pumped with the cuteness and innocence of Jack-jack who’s loaded with around 17 different superpowers.

Why should you watch The Incredibles 2?

If you fall into the category of these people, you must not miss this movie:

  • You love superhero/animated/family movies
  • You are a fan of Disney + Pixar’s work
  • You are looking for an enjoyable watch without too much to think about
  • You need a light but fun and happy movie
  • You loved or didn’t see the first movie in the series
  • You are a grown up
  • You are a kid

Now with everything covered for this movie, and hoping that for the same, everything is going to work out fine, then we’ll see the next movie in the series sooner than the last one. And even though the movie makers have denied commenting on the same, this seems like an obvious road with so much potential to take.

So, are you ready to experience some good family super action? Or do you have a better alternative? Do tell me in the comments. And don’t forget to share your reactions and subscribe for more stuff like this!


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