Breakdown of the second trailer of ‘Thor Ragnarok’

The new trailer of ‘Thor Ragnarok’ was published by Marvel on 22nd July 2017, just after the SDCC, and the ‘INFINITY WAR’ trailer got leaked on the internet recently and I’ll be writing about it in the next post!

The first scene we get to see is the Grandmaster’s tower, right next to the arena, where right after that we’ll see a familiar scene, where Thor is coming out and he’s ready to face off his biggest adversary which just so happens to be the Incredible Hulk, we see Thor talking to Hulk about what all has happened so far with him, now obviously it’s gonna be a real seat gripping scene in the movie because Hulk shows up after very long (Last scene in Age of Ultron) and probably we’ll get to see what exactly happened to him after AOU.

After that, we’ve Bruce Banner and Thor looking up to the sky where we see a fire vortex, which probably brings people to the planet of Sakaar or maybe it’s some celestials fighting in the arena, no one knows about it, yet.

Next, we see Hella in Asgard after she has killed everybody and we see the executioner behind her, and Hella’s like enjoying the moment after killing everyone, because why not? She’s the goddess of death! We see a quick shot of Valkyrie as she is flying a Pegasus, which is pretty awesome and we see Banner and Thor again, talking to each other in which Banner asks what has happened and all, and Thor’s like we had fought and he says he won easily(Banner doubting).

In the next scene, we see Hella in New York, right after probably destroying Thor’s hammer, and we know Dr. Strange might show up in the earth scene so we have to see how that plays out and then another shot of her in which she’s about to take a whole lot of flying legion of Asgardians and right after that is her standing before all the Asgardian soldiers before she kills them, another quick shot of her alongside The Executioner( played by Karl Urban)

Then we get to see, Valkyrie coming out of her crashed ship as she’s wearing a sick white outfit with a glowing sword  which looks pretty badass, in the next shot we get to see Loki trapped up and Thor talks about putting together a team, Banner saying “Like old days” referring much to the Avengers. Both the brothers, Loki and Thor, holding up big guns and they shoot the guards, who are standing next to the statue of the Grandmaster.

Next, we get to see the Fenris Wolf vs The Hulk, and it looks amazing! Hulk looks very different, as compared to the previous versions of him, he looks slimmer and with a new haircut! In the next scene, we get to see the Grandmaster and Valkyrie and someone who looks someone new in the movie, We see the Executioner again with big guns, he probably the antagonist of the movie, and he’s working with Hella. And then we see the 4 heroes standing side by side to each other ( Thor, Loki, Hulk, and Valkyrie)

In the next scene, we see Thor all lit up and lightning running through his body, which looks so cool. It seems like he’s harnessing the power of the Mjolnir, his hammer. And then we see The Hulk TALK which is amazing, we see both of them having a conversation and in the final scene, we see The Hulk go head to head with Surtur, who looks massive and gigantic, which is pretty damn awesome!!

According to me, the second trailer rocked it! It was better than the previous one, and the first one was incredible!

Snapshots of some scenes and posters of the movie.




Check out the badass trailer as well —

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