TV Series Review: Flint is a show about Women-in-Peril

Ratings: 6.0/10.0

The water crisis in the TV show Flint may get a respectful or unremarkable treatment. This Lifetime movie involves lots of stars. They are Queen Latifah, Marin Ireland, Betsy Brandt and Jill Scott.

There may be a colloquialism. It may occur whenever we hear particular stories. One of them could be “It’s like a Lifetime movie!”
If you see Lifetime movies, people may not understand what it means.


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The cabler may have a lot of movies involving women-in-peril. It also includes real-life approaches to the genre. That is like the hilarious upcoming of The Lost Wife of Robert Durst. But, Lifetime movies may consist of the experimental and ambitious takes. It may have a lesbian vampire take on Mother, May I Sleep With Danger?
It may also involve a recent string of film festival duds. One of them is when Nicole Kidman played Grace Kelly. Before that, the network may get into its Hallmark string of holiday films.

Difficult Approach

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All this can make it difficult to approach the Lifetime movie like Flint. Pigeon-holing the true-life of a woman in peril may be easy. The drama is honorable and non-exploitative in its intentions. It is also average in execution. That is under elevation by the beautiful ensemble of actresses.

Health Crisis

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If you are aware of it, Flin involves the decision by Michigan last 2014. They wanted to switch the water sources that triggered a health crisis. It gets extended and exacerbated by bureaucratic antipathy and apathy. The environmental disaster has yet to undergo resolution. It may be about the long-term understanding of the impact. That may also include the short-term accommodations. They are for the Flint residents.

Civilian Activist

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The “civilian activist” tradition of Barbara Stepansky or Erin Brockovich’s Time cover story. It is what they called “The Toxic Tap. This focuses on three women who saw something go wrong in their community. That went up against the often obstructive and disinterested powers. These are the things that tried to save Flint.

Primary Protagonists: Real People

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All our primary protagonists have a basis on real people. They are Nayyirah Shariff, Melissa Mays, and LeeAnne Walters. Only the story of Scott’s Shariff as an organizer engaged in Flint’s politics is essential. The tale focuses on the involvement of housewife Walters and online radio DJ Mays.
The Flint crisis then becomes an ongoing referendum. It applies to gender, race and economic status roles. This may be somehow not as integrated into the movie like the nurse Adina Banks. Queen Latifah plays as her mother, Iza Banks. They are all roles that are fictional composites who feel like it.

The Tragedy of Flint

The Tragedy of Flint is a movie and city. It is among the tiered institutional and marginalization of failings. The portrait takes the creation of bottom-line-obsessed white male authority figures. They take note of the nightmare that occurs outside their zip code.
The script of Stepansky is smart when it comes to how it handles the ways. It happens minorities, disadvantaged and women get ignored or silenced. Children and adults start experiencing illness, seizures, and rashes because of the water. We see how the displace and shift the blame based on who is talking.

Main Characters

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Flint’s main characters get sketched. But, the actresses have a delicate balance and harrowed intensity. They have a believable camaraderie that may be a part of the narrative. It can become repetitive in ways that are disappointing and intentional.
Over and over again, the women discover that if no one is in charge, they will do the right thing on their behalf. They need to do this on their own. It is where the heroism comes through. There is a variety to sameness to what the women do. This happens whenever they seek out allies and push on testing. That may also apply whenever they play to the media while worrying that they are protesting into a void.
There is less variety in sameness that may deal with the antagonists. It may not be shocking because it is an ongoing case. The bad guys may not be self-justifying or exposed in real life. Yet, that does not excuse the number of performances and their function in the tale. There are lots of outrage that may go around in Flint. The story and the city in the telefilm may be over-reliant. It can be to the draining one-dimensional baddies.

Director Bruce Beresford

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Bruce Beresford (born 16 August 1940) is an Australian film director. Notable films he has directed are Breaker Morant (1980), Tender Mercies (1983), Crimes of the Heart (1986) and Driving Miss Daisy (1989).

Bruce Beresford is an Oscar-nominated director. He blends with some of the Toronto shooting locations and Flint exteriors. Bruce did this without giving the film a strong sense of place. That person deserves credit for his strong chemistry between the actors. Both him and Stepansky have nothing else to do about the calamity’s open-ended reality.

The arc may lead to an unsatisfying conclusion. It may shift the focus to where Flint looks like in fall 2017. They can have a more definite call-to-action about what they can do there. Doing this can help prevent similar situations. It happens instead of trying to land on a hollow “inspirational” ending.

A Respectful Reminder

The show Flint is a respectable and respectful reminder of the debacle that needs repair. It is one that may impact lots of lives in the coming decades. There is a tribute to necessity and power of civilian advocacy is well-played. It came from the actors Queen Latifah, Greenwood, Brandt, Ireland, and Scott.
This Lifetime original should not get lost in our preconceived notion. It should show a new light on what Lifetime movies are.
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