You didn’t see this coming! | The Last of Us 2 Trailer Launch | E3 2018 |

As I was waiting for the Sony E3 conference to begin I was making few predictions here and there but Naughty Dogs proved them wrong. The trailer we saw at the Paris Game Week looks like a mirage after this trailer. The game geared up from the good old times where Ellie is at a prom night, in a tent( Sony made the same tent at the venue where the audience were sitting). The first few minutes of the game showed the relationship between Ellie and someone called Nina who invited Ellie on stage for a slow dance, unexpectedly Nina kissed Ellie at that moment. After which the sequence changed to Ellie cutting a throat of a person in a jungle. Killing people whose true identity still remains a mystery Ellie explores the whole play area. After which the same scene continues from the party.

What to expect from the game?

Naughty dogs didn’t set back at the combat action in the game, the trailer was packed with action. The game with better graphics has got some new aspects to the game from going into stealth mode to the active combatting in the game. The creators have left us to predict a lot of things throughout as they haven’t led to any open source to what may happen in the game or where is Joel, who was referred as her ‘dad’. The game promises huge changes and has a big responsibility after the grand success of The Last of Us 1. Till now we can just say as per the glimpse we saw that the game is to set records in the market.

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