Zelda – Breath of the Wild GamePlay

Zelda: Breath of the Wild GamePlay is gaining importance among gamers being launched with Switch and Wii U Adventure.

Zelda has come up with more features to expand its users like TRAIL OF THE SWORD, A harder master mode, A new special Trial, A Hero path Mode, Fast travel with Travel Medallion and New methods.

As you play the game you can come across n-number of bonus items and a fancy Nintendo switch shirt.

How To Access The Game:

Once you’re done with purchasing the expansion pass and update it with the latest version (to update it the process is on Switch, select the icon of Zelda game, then + button and finally click on System Update).Once the Updating is completed, The new contents will be displayed on the home screen.

The contents like:
  • Master Mode or Hard Mode.
  • Trail of the sword.
  • Hero’s path with the map features.
  • Journey to the Travel Medallion, Midna outfit locations, etc.,

Master Mode and A Special Trail Mode are together known as Trail Of The Sword.

Description About The Features added:

Master Mode or Hard Mode:

Harder Master Mode: As the name indicates harder the levels are going to be hard to complete by the players. The players will experience the wildlife and feel a wild nature. The player can use the fresh and separate file by accessing the main menu.

The increase of enemies rank and players can have experience of changing Red Bokoblins into blue etc.,

According to NINTENDO, the player will get new surprises as they go on playing in the form of higher-ranking enemies.

In a battle, the enemies will recover healthily and can find the players easily.

For a player only one manual and auto-save are available.

Trail of the Sword:

First, the name is announced as the cave of trials, it is one of the features of previous Zelda games later the team has announced as the Trail of the sword.

It plays a major role in the game during completion of levels, as it is a most useful weapon in the game.

Hero’s path with the map features:

As soon as the player obtains the DLC, the Hero Path mode will be available. It has options like fast forward and rewinds for throughout path in the player’s playthrough of the game.

The use of the play through option is that the player wills unidentifiable hilltop trying to reach on time. The track record is remarkable for 200 hours of gameplay. It will work on any save file, which the player wants.

The outfit of TINGLE’S has a Tingle’s Hood, Tingle’s Shirt, and Tingle’s Tights.

The costume isn’t changeable. Tingle is able to add additional abilities like increase the running speed at night in Tingle costume. In costume, there won’t be as potent defence-wise as end-game armor.

The map:

Journey to the Travel Medallion, Korok Mask, and Tingle, Majora’s Mask, Phantom, Midna outfit locations.


The trailer of Zelda: Breath of the Wild GamePlay.


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